Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Free Transform mode CC CS6 CS5 CS4

hey guys I'm Joe and welcome to another Photoshop tutorial so today I'm going to take a look at the free transform mode so let's go ahead and get started so the free transform mode will allow you to scale, rotate, and skew objects within Photoshop so the first thing I need to do is I need to get an object into this document and basically the easiest way for this example I'm going to I'm going to create a vector object and to do this I'm going to come over here to where the rectangle tool is and based on the little arrow in the corner there's more options so I'll click and hold that and you'll see there's some options here but I'm looking for the custom shape tool so now up here on the toolbar we've got the option to choose a different vector object to bring in you also have a gear icon that allows you to make a few changes or to kind of filter out this list if you're looking for something specific I've just got all of the vector objects turned on so we're going to go ahead and quickly just select an arrow and we'll put that onto the screen so now we want to be able to transform this object that I just dropped on to the document there's two ways to do this the first one is to come up to the Edit in the menu and select free transform but we don't want to do that that'll slow us down we want to start learning some keyboard shortcuts so to get into the free transform mode you'll hit command or ctrl T and that'll put you into the free transform mode now we have a bounding box right here and as you can see my icon kind of changes that based on where I where I put it so inside the bounding box it's a move icon and that'll allow me to move it around so if I move it outside I get the rotation tool and if I click and hold I can rotate the object now part of rotating you have this little crosshair I come within the bounding box so when I rotate it is rotating based on this crosshair so if I want to change the rotation anchor point I just grab and drag that and now when I go to rotate now it's rotating on the anchor point and if I want to move it back to the center once I get close it'll snap back into the center and we're rotating on center again so let's talk about scaling now so if I grab one of these middle points it will scale horizontally or vertically depending on which one I grab I also have the option to grab the corner ones and it'll scale both horizontally and vertically and not maintain the aspect ratio so what if I want to maintain that aspect ratio well there's a keyboard shortcut that'll allow you to do that so if I hit shift and then click on one of these corner icons now it will only scale while maintaining the aspect ratio another keyboard shortcut is if I hold ctrl and grab these grab one of these corners it will allow me to skew the object and if I want to undo the last change that I made I can hit ctrl command ctrl or command Z and it will undo the last change basically so the the shifting control options are basically perspective transforms and there's a couple other perspective transforms so if you don't want to necessarily memorize the hotkeys you can right-click inside the bounding box and you'll see a list of all the available options so you got scale rotate skew distort perspective warp and then you've got a couple of just real quick transformations so rotating it 180 clockwise and counterclockwise 90 flip it horizontal or vertical so this will just allow you to do some quick actions without having to think about how to actually do those with the transform so one of the other things that you can do is say you know the numeric values that you want to set for transforming the object so if you look up here you have some you have some options up here for controlling different values related to this object so for example if I click the W and I say 50 it just set the horizontal scale to 50% now say I want to maintain the aspect ratio there's a little icon here and if I click that now the ratio is maintained so this is the other way aside from shift-click you can actually constrain to where it doesn't matter how you're moving it's always going to maintain that aspect ratio same with the angle today I want this to be at 45 degrees I can type it in and now it's at 45 degrees you also have the option you'll see that the icon change to kind of a slider icon so if I click and I move left and right you'll see that it's moving the angle and I can do that for pretty much all of these options that that slider icon shows up for so once you've got your object transform the way you want you have your confirm transform which is this checkbox or hitting Enter or if you don't want to complete the transform you can cancel it by clicking this icon or hitting the Escape key so we're going to go ahead and keep these changes and now it is it's been transformed so that pretty much covers the free transform mode it's a very helpful tool and as you use Photoshop you will probably find yourself using it very often which is why I recommend using the hotkeys instead of the menu option to get into the free transform mode so I hope this video was helpful and if this is your first time please go ahead and hit the subscribe button and if you want to stay up to date on my latest videos go ahead and hit the bell icon to receive notifications thanks and we'll see you later

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