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Hello guys, this is Varun Dubey from WBCOM DESIGNS We are going to talk about BuddyPress header sections which displays cover image,avatar and some other specific information for the profile specific we are thinking about To display different design layout for these header sections which is coming from the buddyPress template files most of the time theme vendors create a dedicated design for the header to display these avatars and displaying some specific informations It came up with the idea to allow multiple header design for the members a site admin can choose which design will be the best for the member and they can apply those designs we have created a backend setting for that one like BP member layout management and they can say like which member layout will be best for them they are one, two & three and it should be inside the container or it should be outside the BuddyPress container on the base of that one we had introduced six design with combination of these two variations like first design is this which is coming inside With the cover image with top navigation and all the menu options on the floating left the second design is also with the inside design with the cover image coming with little bit overlay which Displays their display name add in their information with friend count, follower count iand the following and all the actions buttons are displayed like this third layout which display all the information one more layout With all the cover image on the top and menu in the top navigation bar is coming like this below the cover image? for both sections this that layout layout is common just it is just outside the container box Only outfit like this cover image is coming up and all the information is coming the cover image section it gives site admin a simple sections they can manage the layout for them and we are also planning make it a little bit more dynamic and add a option for the members specific they can choose which layout is good for their profile and Based on that one every members have a different? Header sections for their profile in our next coming update they are going to include these options to our theme buddypress Reign theme If you are any ideas or any suggestions for the new layout or if you're looking for any customization related to the header sections you can let us know our custom development team will cover those things up Thank You

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