AAWP Plugin Teil 5 – Installation über das WordPress Dashboard

So, hello! In this video, I'll show you how to put the AAWP plugin on your phone Install WordPress Blog But first we have to make sure that the technical requirements that are needed for you on your Web hosts are satisfied, yes

I'll get down here in the video description again insert a link, where you then come to this page here, where then the technical requirements are listed Can you still remember? Take a look at it to make sure your web host has this technical Requirements also met, yes For example, if you use web hosting now Provider ALL-INCL or RAIDBOXES, you do not have to worry about anything To take care of Because these two providers have the technical requirements for AAWP fulfill OK!? Good! Then let's start

I'll show you now how to use the plugin installed under WordPress If you have not logged in yet, then Please go to your WordPress blog or domain and log in in the WordPress admin area OK!? So, when you're logged in, you see first the dashboard And on the left side is the navigation bar and There are different menu entries And there we have to go to the menu item Plugins once with the mouse

There you go with the mouse once the menu item "Plugins" Then a side menu opens and from here you want to you then the second point from the "Install" Then you click on it and then you come to the overview page, where you can then add plugins Here are the normal WordPress Plugins available So the free ones you can install

We do not want that now, we want to install the AAWP plugin and that's why we click on the button "Upload Plugin" Then you click on it, then opens a new area And here you see you then already the button "file select", and there you click once on it, then the "open dialogue" opens So, I do that now! I click Click here on "Select file", then the dialogue opens, where one then the file can choose You now navigate to the folder or directory, where the AAWP-ZIP saved, yes

I had in the videos previously explained where to download the ZIP file And if you've missed it now, please go back and see mine other videos where I explained the whole thing OK!? Anyway, I choose now the file, AAWPzip And then I'll click on "Open" once

If it is at you are set to German, then it means you "open" Then the Filename taken over As you can see here now as you can see AAWPzip And all you have to do now is click on the "Install now" button click on it once

Then the plugin will automatically be in WordPress directory installed, yes So, I'll do it now! I'll click now "Install now" And now you can see on the bottom left how the plugin is uploaded will, that is now automatically unpacked and installed Here comes then the message "Install plugin from file" It will take a few seconds, But then it is already finished, as you can see now

And everything you only now still have to do, click on the button "activate plugin" once on it So, I do that now! I click on it once and then it is almost like that Plugin ready installed However, it is not ready yet because In the next step we have to quit the license enter So the AAWP license And in the next step, we have to also create an Amazon API key to make the plugin full is operational or ready for use

OK!? Good! And in the next video show I'll tell you how to verify your AAWP license If you like the video now Of course I would be happy if you gave me a thumbs up give! And if you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, then click Now below on the button "Subscribe" More information and the link to the blog, you'll find below in the video description

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