8 of the Best Tools for Analyzing Your Business Data Online

Good data is the backbone of smart decision making, and any business wanting to move ahead needs to engage in some form of analyzing their data Online businesses (or the online parts of an offline business) are no different

And, in many cases, it's even easier to analyze data online, because so much of it can be tracked and reported automatically Hi, I'm Digital Marketer David Baer And in this video, I'm sharing eight tried and true tools that will work to help you with analyzing your business

1 Google Analytics Most people know about Google Analytics' ability to provide valuable data on blogs and websites, providing insights into traffic and conversions If you can figure out how to use it effectively, it has a lot to offer Sure, it can be a bit confusing to manage the wide range of things you can track with it However, it's a great tool that most businesses should use especially since Google is still the number source of search traffic

2 Spring Engage This analytics tool is focused on turning leads into customers This system helps you capture email addresses as well as break down your visitors by location, source, and more It's amazing software that can take your business to levels never before considered However, it is pricy and will require a personalized demo and quote

3 Biz Tool Analytics QuickBooks is essentially the standard for accounting software for small businesses, and this add-on tool from Biz Tool Analytics will help you analyze your business It takes printing reports to a whole new level 4 Woopra If you need real-time customer activity monitoring, this is the app for you

You can tell what your visitors are doing the moment they get to your site and where they're from, even before they subscribe 5 Clicky You can use Clicky free on one site to see real-time traffic on your website and get reports for historical data, too Upgrade to the pro version for more features and more websites You do have to install it on your website to make it work, but visitors will not see it

6 KISSmetrics Use these analytics along with Google to optimize your marketing efforts to get more sales and conversions for any website or blog They have price points for almost every size business 7 Hostanalytics Accounting is very important and the finances of your business are essential to making it last and work

Hostanalytics is for a larger business, but as you grow you should consider keeping a close eye on finances to ensure continued success 8 Qlik This analytics tool is different in that it's a desktop Windows app that allows you to see interactive data as it's starting You can even use it free It has many interesting features that are very intuitive to use to help you take your business to the next level

Remember, there are huge payoffs when you track and analyze data for your business If you're not doing anything right now, a great place to start is Google Analytics And to help you get up and running quickly and easily, we've put together a FREE Google Analytics training, perfect for any business active online with a website, blog, social media, or other marketing campaign To get FREE Instant Access, click the link under this video

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