7 Must Have Social Media Plugins and Tools for Bloggers

Hey everybody, Syed Balkhi here from WPBeginner and in this video I'll be talking about must have social media tools & plug-ins for bloggers these are the tools that I use for my own blog and I recommend it to everybody else The link to all these tools can be found in the video description, alright let's get started the first on the list is Floating Social Bar this WordPress plugin adds a horizontal floating share bar to your blog post it makes it really easy for users to share your content it is by far the fastest social media plugin available for WordPress I've been using it on my site for over a year it is totally amazing will increase your social media shares trust me on that the next tool is HootSuite it is my social media dashboard I use it to manage all of my social media accounts for not just my personal accounts but other site accounts to it has support for Twitter & Facebook and other platform as well it gives you single place where you can monitor all of your mentions direct message Twitter lists ect

its also great tool for teams because you don't have to give your team access your Twitter account you can just give them access to a certain thing within HootSuite so you don't have your password or anything like that and it works like a charm I absolutely love HootSuite it has the ability to schedule posts give you analytics allows you to assign assignments for your team totally the best thing ever so start using Hootsuite The third tool I use is called Buffer so you're wondering, buffer allows you to schedule your different messages to social media for example if you want to schedule a tweet if you want a Facebook message and so on you wondering why do I use Buffer when HootSuite offered this well Buffer makes it really easy and Buffer is a smarter platform for that because I can just use my browser extension for buffer and say this is the article that I want to tweet out figure out the best time to tweet and Buffer will do that for me makes things really easy as I'm reading I just hit the Buffer button and the article would go out you know throughout the day as Buffer sees fit The fourth tool in my list is bitly it is a link shortener it allows me to shorten my links I am using the branded link so I use wpbgin I don't use bitly the generic domain so it has that featured which is really awesome and it also does tracking for me so I can see statistics on how many times this shortlink has been you know clicked which makes it a great tool The next tool in my list is Feedly since google reader is dead I use Feedly now to manage all of my feeds and the things I want to keep up with so this is where all of my favorite sites are all I have to do is open my feedly account and start reading so this is the first thing I check in the day when I'm ready to read and I can keep up with what's going on in the industry

The next tool I have is IFTTT it stands for if this then that, it allows me to create recipes for example if an article goes out on list 25 automatically Buffer it to my account so it gets tweeted out at a time as buffer sees fit it allows you to create a bunch of cool recipes like that you have to check out this with your blog because I think you'll really like it it allows you to automate a lot of things and the last tool in my list which is definitely one of my most favorite is the Twitter search tool this is how I find new uses for my blog this is how I you know engage with other folks and how I can help them I just used searchtwittercom and if you have not used searchtwittercom you have to try it, it is totally amazing you'll be surprised and this is my list of must haves social media plugins and tools for bloggers, if you like this video then make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to the WPBeginner channel and don't forget to share it

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