6 Free Excellent Tools For YouTubers – My Favorite Editing And Video Production Tools!


In this video I will talk about my favorite free tools for editing and producing videos This is not a sponsored post, and I’m not an affiliate I’ll just talk about the free tools I have found very useful for running a YouTube channel The first one is the free editing software DaVinci Resolve I’m so surprised a free product can be so much better than many of the paid video editing programs I’ve tested

DaVinci Resolve is very user friendly, and the editing options seem to be almost endless But what’s best is the very high quality of the exported files In addition to this DaVinci Resolve is obviously an excellent program for color grading, but that’s something I’m still in the process of learning I’m lazy so I think it’s best to get good lighting when recording But I actually managed to save a film with very bad lighting with the help of DaVinci Resolve

The second free tool is the photo editing website BeFunkycom I’ve used their free version to make some video thumbnails and promotion graphics And I’ve just realized how easy it is to make great graphics using this website What I like most is their text overlay feature, where it’s possible to make really beautiful and professionally looking text overlays

The third great free tool is the image design website Canvacom If I’m in a hurry I prefer to use Canva for producing thumbnails and promo images, since it’s easy to create great graphics in just a minute with Canva I seldom use their prefabricated templates though, since the prefabricated templates limit the editing possibilities and it’s in my opinion easier to produce good images without the templates The forth free tool, which I’m beginning to see that I have underutilized until now, is Facebook Pages

I have several Facebook pages and I post on all of them weekly I’ve recently grasped how to use these pages really well, and I’m astonished how effective Facebook pages can be for promoting a YouTube channel and a brand And it’s very fun to experiment and learn how to increase the reach for my Facebook Pages The next free tool is Google Trends I find Google trends very useful for finding good titles and topics for my videos

The last free tool I’m going to talk about now is YouTube analytics! A tool which have just recently given my some quite unexpected insights, which I’m soon going to talk about I’m a YouTube Analytics nerd; I think I sometimes get too addicted to monitoring the analytics spending too much time I could have used to produce new videos But YouTube’s analytics pages are very useful! I don’t need to explain YouTube analytics because if you’re not using it already it’s pretty self-explanatory When I looked at my YouTubeTraffic sources recently I found something which for me initially was very confusing, but also extremely helpful What I found was that one of the most common search phrases (and some variations of it) in the list lead to the one of my videos I put least effort into producing! This is so helpful for me, because this proves that I have a really good topic there

If I hadn’t looked at my analytics I hadn’t realized that I have a very good topic for several new videos That’s all for today! You are very welcome to subscribe to my channel! And you are very welcome to write a comment below And don’t forget to hit the like button if you found something of value in this video! Have fun every day, and see you in the next video!

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