51.201€ in 8 Monaten – Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger

51,200 euros in eight months of Affiliate Marketing for beginners what I turn for sales like that can do this and what this youtube channel actually is for you to experience here in this video my name is at least this is since years my nickname towards the end of 2014, I have an internship in one Duisburg sole proprietorship where I first started using online marketing affiliate marketing for beginners In the program I have to say I learned a lot Not there but I have learned that works the first time I heard of digi store the enbw pc world press i say diester commissions and my eyes I think every one of you knows this after Affiliate Marketing for beginners I spent a year intensively researching online marketing with this internship describes marketing busy and would like to start here once my beginnings show this is a trade registration I have subscribed anime to nature with sales of digital products and affiliate marketing for beginners although on 19 20 15 a month later I am on the tenth In 2015, a first payment was requested here in the amount of 4,500 37 euro and 86 cents as the first time money on my account that was that was about a hammer feeling i think many of you know what i am affiliate marketing for beginners my and see the similar but I have the question asked if that was just lucky or the right time then I had built a youtube channel on a blog and thus has some affiliate marketing for beginners There was nothing earth-shattering now At the time, they had 400 youtube subscribers but still had it at this time I work very well with this project so I have in january 2000 is dedicated to a second project and here again I want you Once we show the development we are just ripe for one of mine Thick Gate 24 could and I will now show you how the second Affiliate Marketing for beginners I've also developed a website within the first twelve months already selected january 2016 I click again visit so that you it is all live and real and we see that we have one here Of course, I have scored a total of 3 125 euros and 16 cents for the beginner affiliate marketing second website now not six months but I now have this know and built this website in about two weeks and then my first days on this web site graced affiliate marketing for beginners So let's take a look at how the whole thing looked in february 2016 here we already see that here 854 euros and 78 cents have taken because we Of course, we continue to specify our customers well, let's take a look in march 2016 and here we see that 4216 euro and 99 cents have taken so and in april 2016 then it was already 2094 euro and 60 are and finally the fifth month For a total of 3000 133 euro and 6 cents by the end of 2016, I always have affiliate marketing for beginners lived and there for a million company marketing with the focus youtube even the washing counts for cool time but above all what you have achieved everything in this short time Today, one hears and sees again and again someone says field marketing is dead and no longer works Affiliate marketing for beginners that is of course utter rubbish me you will still apply the field marketing the problem of mine there is not much theory out there lacks market he has maybe 20 maybe even 30 products have marketed themselves as an expert and Try selling your own affiliate marketing products for beginners The over just agrees in the market and makes the trust in this business Well, of course, I would like to present the colorful special representative simply My personal opinion Affiliate Marketing for beginners in the first place I am online marketer and put my knowledge and money to earn In my projects, I usually always stay in the background and I do not care about marketing behind the camera any more than the Affiliate Marketing for beginners self-proclaimed expert in front of the camera still makes feedback fun So I loaded a basic video series here on this catalog yes that was very positive and of course I am pleased and encouraged continue here with this hobby channel Affiliate Marketing for beginners for those of you who do not know this series of videos and I will Now link in the info card on the top right So if you want more information about affiliate marketing for beginners online marketing and city marketing have subscribed to this channel and ask your questions under the respective videos so i can help you and turn the feedback into new videos and stuff like that we do marketing together I'm looking forward to it and we'll meet each other Next, then affiliate marketing for beginners

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