5 Tips To Protect Your Company Website From Hackers – Small Business Marketing Tips Friday 16

Welcome to this week's "Small Business Marketing Tips Friday" In this week's video, we're gonna talk about the 5 Tips To Protect Your Company Website From "Hackers" So first thing you need to do is regularly perform updates! If you use Wix or Squarespace they're updated automatically, so that's great! But, if you use WordPress, make sure your plugins are updated! Make sure you regularly change your passwords Never write them down but make sure you use something like Passwords Generator to keep changing them

Use 2 Factor Authentication and even if the hacker knows your WordPress username and password, they can't access it unless they the special code Try using security software like "Cloudflare" This gives your site extra security by sitting between the visitor and your hosting provider Install "HTTPS" security This gives you extra level of encryption Making your company website more secure and trustworthy If some of this is too technical, get your webmaster to do it for you

So that's it, thanks for watching and I'll see ya next week!

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