5 Bestselling Ecommerce WordPress Themes – Shop Themes for WordPress

Okay, so I want to show you 5 bestselling Ecommerce WordPress themes This is not because I like them or I think that they are really cool designs and WordPress themes, these are actually 5 of the top Ecommerce WordPress themes because these 5 combined have sold tens of thousands of times

So they must do something good So the first theme – and that is actually the top bestseller – is the Kallyas theme and I am going to show you the shop Which looks like this, so you have like, uh, something in top here – in the top here and then uh, well look, it looks really – I mean it looks really cool This design is really awesome Kallyas is basically a multipurpose WordPress theme but they have a great shop actually built in to this theme which is used by many online shops

Then the next one that I am going to show you is the Maya Shop which is different in a way that it's, you know, a little "quiet" I would say, but it looks really neat and it has some nice sliders here, you know, the usual things in the bottom – in the footer But you know, it just looks very clean I am gonna – and here you see this little detail here, it's just, you know, it is a nice design I am just gonna click just so that you can see an item in the shop Women's shoes, a man's nightmare [laughs]

Okay, so that's the Maya Shop Then from the same developer there is the Bazar Shop, which also has this nice header here And then also it looks really clean You can change the colors so let's make it yellow Let's see what happens

Not a lot Ah, okay, haha, so that was basically a filter from the shop I thought it was actually a setting from the theme, but it's a filter from the shop So, let's click on an item And then here you have how this looks

Really clean theme The next one is Flatsome and this is also a very clean, lots of white, lots of light colors, theme, with a big footer And what Iike about it is you know, this section here, where you have a good overview of what you can buy in a shop Flatsome is also one of the themes that is sold a lot of times And then the last one of this Top 5 is Neighborhood and Neighborhood is a nice theme and also has like some very nice animations here as you can see, with pictures that change as soon as you move over your mouse and then let's click an item

This item is out of stock but who cares And this is the sneakers So if you want to see more of these 5 themes – here is another slider, which is very nice – if you want to see more about these themes, these Ecommerce WordPress Themes, then you can click the link below the video and then you can read more about them If you want a special offer there is an other link below the video and you will be taken to a page where you can see a special offer on other WordPress themes than these 5 Ecommerce WordPress themes Hope you liked these themes and maybe I see you in the next video

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