5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make $500,000 In 2018!

hey Ben Martin here aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits and paradise Now recently I was on a trip to Orlando Florida where I sat down for a 15 minute interview with a friend of mine who drove three hours from Miami and in that interview I gave five affiliate marketing tips that made me close to half a million dollars in 2017 so in this video today you're going to get the exclusive you're gonna get to see this interview for the very first time so hope you enjoy let's go inside and get to that interview now ciao so what's going on guys your main table here aka mr Byron Ashley here with Martin king of email how much did you make last year roughly close to half a mil half a million dollars so so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna give value to you guys but just ask him mr

Ben dude what are some of the if you could name the top five things that contributed to you successful the David's getting targeted leads on a list number one making sure you've got people to email you know having a steady traffic source so picking one traffic source two traffic sources Facebook YouTube Instagram I would say don't be a jack-of-all-trades and try and do too many things you know pick literally one of those traffic sources learn how to tell stories learn learn that you know making making money especially a female is not complicated it's not really about sending spammy nonsense it's just about talking about everyday life you know to talk about your life talk about you know you could write an email about how you found some guy wandering around the hotel lobby and then you know you know I mean it could be anything and you tie it in to promoting whatever product you're promoting be consistent with doing it's like do do that do it Dale if it's working for you do it daily if you if it's not working for you what do you know it's working for others then find out what they're doing that you're not doing yeah what would you do like tell them a little bit about your story like you struggled what would you do differently if you have to start from scratch in terms of like your mindset and your belief systems like what's the difference between people who fail and people who succeed and what how did you have to change in order to become successful the iPhone the difference between people who fail on people six who succeed is first off it's nothing to do with motivation because I think we all have the same amount of motivation and what I mean by that is let's say you're let's say you're a guy who comes over every night from work on what she's cable TV for ten hours a night or you're a guy comes home from work every day and works on creating a side income ten hours and ice both of those people are motivated but they're motivated by different things and what makes the one successful and the other one who's just gonna stay there you know watched cable TV and never do anything is the habits it's the habits one is in the habit of coming home home and China do stuff that's gonna best themselves the other one is in the habit of coming home and just watching crap on TV that's not gonna bear so it's all about your daily habits so if I could go back and do things differently I'd very quickly want to try and establish well what are my habits right now what are the things I'm doing every day right now got to keeping me stuck and how can I change my daily habits and replace the bad ones with habits of success you know sim simple things you know so that's what I find tell them a little bit of action struggle where did you come from and how things changed 2010 2010 I was completely broke I was living in the back bedroom of a friend's house I was literally overlooking a drug den people are dealing heroin outside of my window and from 2014 up until this day because I change my habits I've been traveling and living in the Caribbean and just you know making full time income online tamo I just want to start I said it's an internet lifestyle is real well yeah I mean so how so how watch this how how long is your work be or how long can you work maybe or how short can it be if you wanted it to be if I want to just send out purely emails and work on nothing else I send off each email I send will take me ten minutes or less to create and I typically send three emails a day so if I really wanted to be super lazy I could do my word day in 30 minutes and then I can go to the beach and I can go and do what I want to do you know typically I do some other stuff but if I really did I don't have to if I really wanted to now my daily work could be thirty minutes half a million dollars a year thirty minutes a day you know it takes like I said yesterday when you realize you're ten many email away from really changing everything you know I said yesterday your light your light you've got to see your life as a movie right your life is a movie every hour of your as a brand new a brand new scene and a movie and within those hours emails are happening all around you and all you've got to do is write it and hit Send that's what you've got to do that's it Wow you know where can they find if they want to connect with you or um where will they find me YouTube right okay you know where will it where's the best place to use a finally probably Facebook actually probably come and lock me up on Facebook or I just started a blog not long ago that's kind of under development where you could go to prophets and Paradise calm um yeah that's pretty much the best places to find me so well you heard the man so yeah hopefully you enjoyed the interview Jermaine Taylor mystify hopefully you got massive massive amounts massive massive amounts of I if you actually wondering where we're at right downstairs in the hotel which happens to be connected to a mall and this is life you know I just decided that I'm just gonna go to Orlando you know just drove my mercedes-benz up here you know three hours nothing just picked up my bag my laptop and just left now what really I'm demonstrating for you it's freedom you can be free you don't have to be tied down to a nine-to-five you can make your own rules you can literally live life on your terms all day every day and do exactly what you want so if you're interested in you know becoming wealthy and successful follow banner click the link below for all the instructions on this page and I understand that it's possible people really when was the last time you had a job you know my god that is a great question I'm 32 now probably the last time another job is 10 years ago you know it's funny the opposite of 32 is 23 I just turned 33 but I would tell you guys I haven't had a job since November 13th of 2015 it's 2018 at the current time it is recording or the video so just letting you know it's possible these could change your life you can change your life he did it with emails I still don't understand how 30 minutes a day can produce half a million dollars so people have this this misconception that you have to work yourself into the ground you gotta work smart less is less is more I met I spoke to a nine figure in a while as he's made close to 200 million dollars and I wanted to ask him what do you do to go from where I am to like even you know less than a third of where you are would be great and I thought he would say a lot of things and he basically said all I've been doing for the last 15 years is generating leads every day and emailing those leads that is all I do i generate 3,000 leads a day and I email those leads two to three times a day that's all he's been doing for 15 years nothing nothing else he's not doing anything else he's not trying to figure out Instagram and YouTube or buying this shiny piece of software he just found the traffic source he gets three thousand leads a day and he mails those leaves every day and you know what he's what he spends just on Facebook cuz most people don't even make him five years so it's kind of crazy but obviously he's making a lot of money he's like doubling tripling his money so it can be very very simple if you make it simple there you go guys so you know I'm just gonna keep putting out high quality interviews and chasing successful people down and just talking about doing this by the way you know and I encourage you look you want to be successful you know what let me let me do something for them venez actually changed my life a few different times I remember when I was um I was doing well first of all just how I met him he released a product on the internet called mailing for money so you might want to check that out if you want to learn his mastered skill set this thing that he knows best look you know look up bend look up mailing for money you could probably find it on jvzoo or something great product and at the time I'm not sure what the price is now but at the time you know he was being very very generous and I recognized power and skill sets when I see it it changed my life now I think in copywriting I think anymore even when I'm not I see you do it on email I do it on Facebook on my facebook wall remember at $4,000 day yes because I well it was the story but I used the same skills remember those you know hook opening and then the tie-in so let's go get the course if you want to know we're talking about so that's how I connected with Ben and I found out he was a genius but the second time he changed my life it was a company a three-letter company and I'm not gonna say and I was just like it he the basically come at him he's like dude just do this and I took about two three six because I was it sure and I have my own brand and different things that I wanted to do but I listened I was just like all right whatever actually ended up well I I look I look at the direct and indirect so at my peak it was five thousand dollars a week in that company but obviously that was sustained by yeah I'll say eighty percent of my six figures came in less than four months then from there coaching pushes me over that six-figure barrier and if I didn't listen to that I would have missed out and so his his the moral of the story connect with successful people and do what they say tell us about one with him before we go tell us about a time where you had to step out on faith and shell out a ridiculous amount of money follow a successful person how much was it twenty thousand I paid somebody twenty thousand dollars to coach me this was only for twelve weeks basically was he scared no not really because at the end of the dates and me spending that twenty thousand dollars was little almost as good as getting cash in the bank because I knew what the guy could bring to the table so you know spending that twenty thousand dollars then helps me to probably more than tripled my income it took me from like a hundred plus care to just shy of half a million so he's more than quadrupled my income so how about that for a return on investment 20k turned into nearly half a million not one investment that's directly because of that invest so people are like people like so like they come up with reasons I don't have the money bla bla bla bla bla bla but if you if you feel like you don't have the money then you'll never have the money does that make sense yeah so if you find a coach and it's $1,000 $2,000 and they're a legit coach pull out your money and invest in them yeah and then don't be the idiot ooh it was like while I've invested in this person but I know better because my mentality is I invest in somebody if they say jump I say how high I don't ask them why well I just say how high how many times just you know whatever you want me to do I'm gonna do because this is why I paid you you know I'm saying so this is the mind of successful people so I'm gonna cut this short because I know he has to go his time is valuable so um are you but here's what I'll say chase she dreams you know follow instructions follow successful people don't be afraid to invest in yourself and you know watch this interview a few times because it was it was kind of loaded there's more than enough keys and don't feel like someone's keeping success from you just because we create products and we chart like at the end of the day you know is it's a Rolls Royce free is a Lamborghini free why do you ever see Rolls Royce or Lamborghini commercials no because the people watch TV can't afford them success is not eluding new success is not out there so my successes yeah the clues are all around you now here's the thing you can try to piece them together and it takes a long time or you could just ask yeah pay somebody how's the fastest thing to do stand on the shoulders of giants as Isaac Newton says if you want to see further Buster find a Giants in other words somebody who's already doing it and say hey let me stand on your shoulders and see what you're seeing I saw you gotta do don't reinvent the wheel find somebody's already donates and then come up with the money and invest in them so they can show you how to do what you wanna do remember this there's no such thing as something for nothing everything has a price and it doesn't have to cost a lot I did not know that ten dollar product was gonna go so far it turned into a relationship a skill set and just infinite amounts of whites not ideas not it doesn't always have to be like thousands of dollars like Jemaine said it could be ten bucks it could be 50 bucks it could be 20 grand or you know just anyone can do this guy's anybody can do this success remember success isn't out there successes here and here by the way this is gonna be 297 now I'll probably put this out for free but yeah so hopefully you guys got massive amounts of value stay tuned keep following pay attention to successful people chase your dreams as I change that'd be great and I'll see you guys hopefully not from the top but at the top peace

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