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hey hey how's it going Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably doing a bit of research online about you know the most important marketing tools right online marketing tools that every single online marketer needs to have okay it doesn't matter what you're doing okay you could be a author online trying to sell ebooks you online marketing tools could be an affiliate marketer trying to sell affiliate marketing products you could be in top-tier sales you could be an e-commerce it doesn't really matter as long as you're trying to sell some sort of you know physical or digital good using the internet then there are a couple of things a few things actually that you must absolutely have okay so I'm gonna share that with you over the next few minutes and you know if you want to get a get a pen and a piece of paper you can write that down too so listen if this is the first time you're watching my video okay I've actually been online for for nine years and in these nine years that I've been online I've always used the same few tools and I found that it didn't really matter what I was doing they were always the most effective for my business okay and I'll explain to you why that is so the first thing that I would say that is a must have okay every single internet marketer it doesn't matter what you're doing so you know selling some sort of product you need this okay and the first thing is a capture page okay you must have a capture page it's also called a landing page is also called a squeeze page you know those are all acronyms it's basically sorry synonyms all the same thing right it's that but it's exactly the same thing okay a capture page is basically the first website that any potential prospect or customer or audience sees of you're it's basically a website that you own okay it's the first page that they see and basically you're going to be offering them something of value in exchange for the email address okay so the reason why you want to collect the email address is so that you can capture it on an autoresponder okay and follow up with them automatically to build a relationship with them okay so a capture page is a must now I've spoken about this a lot in some of my other videos you can't use somebody else's capture page you must have your own capture page okay because if you look like everybody else then what tends to happen is your conversions are gonna suffer and people are not gonna opt-in to your website so you've got to be unique okay when it comes to marketing online and being you know very powerful marketing you've got to stand out okay from the competition you can't look the same as everybody else cuz there's so much noise online right so if you using you know replicated websites replicated capture pages landing pages squeeze pages then you know your conversions are gonna suffer so you must be unique okay you gotta stand out there you gotta sort of stand on the mountaintop and yell at the top of your voice I am different you know notice me that that's basically what you have to do and the first way that you get that done is by having your own custom landing pages squeeze pages very very easy to do okay you can always use tools like click funnels to to design I've got all the resources in the bottom of this video if you want to check that out okay so that's the first thing you must have your own capture pages okay squeeze pages and then the second thing that you must have is you must have an autoresponder right so I use get response but there are a lot of different ones in the market like Infusionsoft Aweber drip there are a lot of different ones okay now it's very important to have an autoresponder because if you're not capturing emails then essentially you have nothing okay you're not following up with anyone that can be a real problem okay because a lot of people will land on your website but most people they're not gonna buy straightaway okay because remember this is you know this is 2018 2019 mm and you know 2020 right people I'm just gonna buy from some random website that might have worked like 10 years ago you know when the internet was very new but you know people are just bombarded these days with sales messages all day long right left right and center so people aren't just gonna buy your stuff just because you have some product on the website so a lot of people misunderstand they think that all you have to do is grab some affiliate program put it on a website drive traffic to that website and people gonna buy instantly okay people aren't gonna buy from a faceless website people want to buy from someone that they know like and trust they want to buy from a person they want to buy from you okay they want to buy from a human being right they don't just want to buy from some random web sites so in order to do that you have to build a relationship right you gotta build a relationship so how do you build a relationship well you have to first be able to follow up with people and get some information from them so that you can send them stuff on a regular basis right so in order to do that you must have a tool called an autoresponder okay so that's the second tool you must invest in your landing page and you must invest in your autoresponder okay now the third thing that you must have absolutely have is you must have a blog okay you must have some sort of you know again a blog is is kind of a very like nineties term but basically you need your own branded website you need a hub okay you need somewhere you need your own website that you own and it brands you okay it be the brand yourself or it brands your brand it depends you know online marketing tools what you're selling right but essentially it's a place that you call your home it's a place that you call your hub okay and no matter what happens to the products that you're marketing because maybe you're marketing a lot of different business opportunities right you might be marketing some sort of network marketing company or you might be marketing some very big affiliate program right or you might be marketing a couple of them or a few of them it doesn't really matter but no matter what happens to these companies so let's say it's company abcdefg right no matter what happens to any of these companies you know let's just say they they're here today and they're gone tomorrow even if they shut down tomorrow it doesn't matter because your entire business is built on your hub your website your blog okay something that you own personally now what can you do on your blog well what you should be doing on your hub or your blog is you should be coming out with really really good content for your marketplace right so maybe you know you use YouTube for example like I like to use YouTube a lot right so I'm building up a YouTube you know channel I've got hundreds of videos on the thousands of views right and lots of subscribers like you know maybe y'all you're watching my youtube video right now I don't know where you're watching this video you could be watching it on a few different places maybe Facebook maybe YouTube or maybe on my blog right now if I was to you know record this video on YouTube I might then decide that hey I don't just want to get this video on YouTube I want to put it on my blog as well and then what I would do is I would put it on my blog I would write a little article that's similar to the video and then I would send it I would use my autoresponder to send it to my list okay so what am i doing there so what I'm doing is I am branding myself I am bringing people that are on my list here okay and I'm moving them to a different location which is my blog okay and people are viewing my stuff now on my blog my hub okay and then when they when they when they go to my hub there are a lot of different things that are going on at my hub right I can for example I could promote different products on my hub on my blog on my website right I could recommend different things I could you know have testimonials on my hub I could even have you know an area where I do personal one-on-one consultations if I decided to do that right you know if you decide to do that at some point maybe that's a way for you to get to your audience right so how could you offer that well the best place to do that is on your blog okay now why is that important well it's very important because if you are building your entire business on YouTube for example or Facebook for example right a lot of people think that oh you know I've got you know a thousand subscribers on Facebook or I've got 10,000 subscribers on Facebook and that's a really really good thing and that's great but what happens if for whatever reason you break the rules of Facebook and sometimes you know it's done by accident you might not even know that you're breaking the rules because you know these social platforms they change their rules very often okay and I know that you're not gonna be doing it on purpose but by accident one day you might just step on their toes the wrong way and boom they might just say I'm sorry Bob Smith or whoever you are but you just see you just violated our Terms you just egregiously violated our terms they love to use big words like that okay you'll get a little love letter right in your email inbox and that's what they're gonna say and your entire profile is gone okay now if you had 10,000 subscribers or followers on Facebook they're just gone there is no way for you to contact those people okay now that's that's if that's a kid that's a big big problem right if you are building your entire website on Facebook or YouTube that becomes a problem okay but if you're clever if you're clever marketer what you would be doing is you'd be building your list okay so you've got one asset here your list in your autoresponder so maybe you've got you know hundreds of people there thousands of people tens of thousands whatever it is okay so that's that's number one the second thing is you know you're clever you had for thinking and now you've built your blog okay you're your hub your website so not only are people going to your day then they know your address okay so even if for some reason your Facebook account disappeared they could still find you online because they've been going to your blog on a regular basis right so if for some reason they couldn't find you on Facebook maybe just go to Google and they would type out your name or they would go straight to your blog because they know your address and they could see you there and they could reopen onto the oricon to your list if they want on your list or if they were already on your list on your or on your autoresponder all you would have to do is you would just send out an email and say you would all use it yeah you'd set on an email to your entire list and say something like hey guys just wanted to let you know that for some reason Facebook shut my account down and I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here of course and if you want to hang out with me you can come to my blog at blah blah blah blah blah com okay your name your brand whatever it is you know John Smith Bob Smith comm and people can get back on your list or they can get back in touch with you really really simple okay so that's another all that I have in my arsenal that is so so important it doesn't matter what you're doing okay because remember even if you're selling some sort of service people might people would much rather buy from you a human being than some faceless website all right which is why I hop is so important so what are the three things that you need so the first thing is you need a landing page right you need something that people can first you need an entrance to your business right and the main entrance to your business is your landing page the second thing that you need is you need an autoresponder so that you can collect all of these emails and now you have an you have a database of emails that you can follow up with and this is your asset okay I mean when you know how to nurture this asset correctly okay not only will people keep opening your emails but they'll buy from you whenever you offer them some sort of product okay because if you do a good job what happens is people start and they get to know like and trust you and and Trust is a huge thing online okay and if you recommend something and it's good it's a good product and it meets you know the requirements it meets the needs of your potential audience because I'm assuming that you know the the niche market that you're in okay it's got to be a targeted online marketing tools group of people right it can't be like you know completely random different people on your list they're gonna be the same type of people that are after the same type of result okay now if you're doing that right then when you offer them a product that can meet and solve the problems that they're having then a lot of them will actually buy okay and that's kind of how it works alright and then the last thing that you need of course is you need a hub right you need a hub which is your own website you own that that's your asset nobody can take it away it's kind of like your home okay no one can you know nobody can come and break in the door and kind of you know evict you from your house unless you're not paying the rent of course right so but the thing is the great thing about your hub and your blog is you own it okay you actually own it and as long as you're paying you know the the ten US dollar you know URL payment every single year you'll get to keep your blog on there or your hub on there okay so no problems there right you're not gonna get evicted everyone can afford ten dollars a year it's pretty affordable so those are the three marketing tools that you absolutely must have now the little things that I would say that this is also very important but you don't have to have it because you have your blog right so what I like to do is I like to create I like to create I would say independent websites independent pages I should say okay and these are sales pages so I will create an independent sales page so sometimes I use my blog and sometimes I use an independent sales page and what that does is it takes people so again you're what you're trying to do is you're trying to move people in different places you're trying to train people to to basically take the actions that you want them to take okay so if you're always sending them to your blog then it gets a little bit mundane for your audience because they see a blog day in and day out it's kind of boring right but if you send them to a different website then all of a sudden they're like hey you know um I've never seen this website before you know Jim has never sent me to this website or aaron has never send me to this website before so it kind of keeps their interest right so what I do is is and that helps your conversions as well okay so what I like to do is is once in a while I like to create what I call an independent sales website and when I recommend a product I will send my subscribers to that website so that it looks a little bit different and then you know they get to kind of see the product or whatever I'm promoting at that time and if they like it then they'll buy that's kind of it okay so now you can move in between your blog and your independent you know website and look those are static pages it doesn't really matter you can build them on an extension of your URL of your blog URL if you want okay you can send them there and it's used just for that just to recommend that program that that's all it is right you don't have to use it again if you don't want to or if it's a very good page you can you can use it on a regular basis okay just not every day right is if you show people the same page every day that your your conversions are gonna get affected okay so listen these are the four marketing tools that I use on a daily basis the landing page you autoresponder my hub my blog my website okay my home and independent sales pages okay which and you can build all of this using click funnels if you want to do that again resources in the bottom again completely up to you there are a lot of different ways you can do it I like to use click funnels because it's a very very powerful platform okay so so that's it yeah that's how I you know in the nine years that I've been online those things have never changed okay they've always been the same now what changes is how well you use these tools okay so let me sort of let me kind of you know bring this when you wrap this up in and you know so that you really understand even if you're using all of these tools okay if you don't know how to use these tools properly your conversions and my conversions are gonna be very very different okay your sales numbers and my sales numbers will be very very different because just because you have all these tools doesn't really mean that you know how to use them properly okay so for example maybe if you're if you're sending emails if you're not doing this right your open rate might only be three percent now my average open rate is 15 to 18 percent for every single email so it's like you know five times the normal rate is five times the industry this is the five times the industry norm why is that well it's because I'm doing a lot of things right and and I'm not gonna not gonna talk about in this video but you can check it out I've done lots of videos on on how to maximize your open rate right but it's because it's because I offer a lot of value to my so my email list okay so every time I send them something I'm sending them really really good stuff I'm not really selling I'm basically adding value to their lives and I'm helping them to get closer to their goals okay so if you do that more you will see your your open rate spike okay so again again I'm digressing a little bit but just to come back to this it's very important for you to practice using these four tools every single day so you get better and better and better okay if you're not split testing your landing pages then you're not using your landing page tool very well for example okay if your blog doesn't look very nice right if it looks kind of you know crappy and it's not you know a nice-looking blog then that's an area that you can improve on okay if your sales pages don't look very good maybe you don't have a testimonials on it maybe the videos you're putting up on it aren't very good again that's an area that you can improve on as well okay so these are some of the things that you got to think about okay it's not just about having the tools it's about understanding how to use those tools right I hope that makes sense okay and that's why it took me so long to figure stuff out you know I was failing for eight years in my business okay it was only the last year year and a half where I really started to figure this stuff out and I've since then made hundreds of sales in my business you know made thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars in my business actually and it's because I finally understood how to use these tools in the right way to get me the result that I was looking for okay so let me know in the comments below what you think of this video are you using some of these tools do you have a hub do you have a blog do you use a landing page right are you sending your traffic straight to your to your sales pages if you're doing that please stop doing that because you're not gonna get any results like that okay um getting a bit sunny here so yeah I'd love to know what you think in the comments below and hey we got some value from this video today please give me a thumbs up really appreciate that and if you want to really learn this stuff a little bit more if you're not already you know getting my training all you need to do to get my free training I actually show you how to do this in-depth how to build you know a five six-figure business online you can click on the link right below this video is a little red link right that's gonna lead you to my website enter your best email address and check your inbox I'm actually gonna send you some really cool stuff that will show you how to do a lot of this and it will it will get a lot of those questions on set for you okay so listen I hope you enjoyed this video today I would see you in another video very very soon have an awesome week take care

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