3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An SEO Plugin For A WordPress Website

In this video I'm to share with you three reasons why you absolutely must use a WordPress SEO plug-in and this is also the three primary functions of a WordPress SEO login hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom Remick WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you knew here consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don't want to miss a thing click on the notification bell images first tell you what brought about this video I'm working on some tutorials for the various WordPress as Seo plug-ins if you're been on the channel for a while you know my favorite is SEOPress you can visit their website by going to WPCrafter

com/SEOPress there's also Yoast and millions of people use that there's all of these plug-ins and when you install an SEO plug-in your immediately met with a sense of overwhelm because they all at the very least will have 100 to 200 different settings and options in their very technical someone to reduce it down to the three main reasons why you would use an SEO plug-in in the first place and I realize you have to have an SEO plug-in if you want to accomplish these three things let's just get on into it so you gotta first understand what you're using an SEO plug-in in the first place and it is for controlling how a search engine views your website you get control over it WordPress does what WordPress does in an SEO plug-in is going to give you that greater control of how Google is going to see your website how Facebook or various social media networks are in a seer website when someone shares a link that is what you're getting out of an SEO plug-in so the first thing the first big thing is you wanted a Seo plug-in to create a site map of your website this is what the site map looks like on my website you can see this as being auto generated by Yoast and it's taking the different types of content on my website and is creating a map so when Google comes to my website or any search engine here is this map that I'm giving them of all the content that I think should be included in the search engine results when they are suggesting or recommending my website your site map data the next thing and this is perhaps one of the most important things is the meta data so what this is as you can see right here in this example I did a simple search for microphone reviews and you can see there's three different results that came up now what the metadata is in this context is that big blue bold area there that shirt Meta title and you get to set what this will be on a page by page post by post basis and SEO plug and let you do that it's super important and then beneath that you get to set what that is as well the meta-description for every post and every page on your website and you can see the first result here they didn't set it is justifiable what will happen is if you don't have it set Google just takes the first little bits of content on that particular page and says there is but if you look on the third result in this example right here they put a custom title in there and they put a custom meta-description in there and what this is about is when someone's going to Google to search for something they're essentially just windowshopping and Juergen have these lists of results when when the search for something in Google says here's the results don't you want your window summons window showing otherwise your window to be what people look at will you get control over that on a page by page post by post basis by setting and having full control over your meta-title and your meta-description but it goes a little further than that when someone takes a link from your website and shares it may be of a social sharing button or someone is just asking a question on Facebook or twitter and summonses here's the link while all that data that gets sucked in by Facebook or twitter or LinkedIn for that matter you get control over that as well in the same principle applies if you don't said anything those platforms are just gonna take a wild guess as to what they should show there because I gotta show something so if you don't set an image like you see right here it'll just take any old random image on the page and most the time it's not to be the one that you want same goes for the titles same goes for the description and that this is how you have full control over what is shown on those various networks this is one of the most crucial reasons why you need to be using an SEO plug in and lastly the what to index and whatnot to index so you saw that site map there's parts of content on my website that I don't want Google to include in their search results you typically want to do this for low quality content pages that that WordPress just automatically generates for your content a perfect example of this I have it right here in this actually from the settings on my website is tags so you can tag host or different most types you can add tags to it and what WordPress naturally does is it generates a tag to page I don't want those tagged pages in all the subsequent paginated pages I don't want those indexed by Google I want to shoot I want Google to only have a laser focus and see a certain bit of content on my website and you need a SEO plug in to do that so good example of that is the tag pages you don't want those indexed by Google there is a SEO expert I guess and I use one of the most popular SEO type people on YouTube's names binding he refers to your tag pages as a zombie pages they provide little value and they dilute the quality of all of your content so an SEO plug-in is going to give you greater control over what gets indexed and what does not get a next and you can make a big no index things like this for tags I'm no index on any of my tags or you can also do this on a page by page or post by post basis and in these right here are the three main things that you need an SEO plug in for you absolutely have to have an SEO plug in for is these three things and these are the three highest priorities of what you want to be doing when you install an SEO plug and so if you install it in immediately get this feeling of overwhelm which is obvious because there's so many settings in tabs and options and all that the three things you need to be focused on I just talked about in this video the biggest being those meta descriptions and the no index so anyways that is all that I have for you in this video if you found some value and learned anything out of this video the free to give it a thumb's up and other than that if you have any questions about SEO leave a comment down below what I am to be doing is tutorial videos on several of the WordPress as SEO plug-ins but it would be insane to go over every single little detail of each of these plug-ins because there's like 150 so don't get caught up in that just focus on these basics and you're going to be totally fine alright so that's it that's all I have for you in this video hey thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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