3 Free Tools For Monitoring Your Personal Brand’s Online Reputation – Personal Branding Ep. 18

(stirring music) – Let me give you three free tools How many? – [Audience] Three free tools

– To monitor your own personal brand online It doesn't cost anything One is Google Alerts Just go to Google Alerts, googlecom/alerts, and fill in your personal name, or brand name, or company name, and you can select

Then you can get a notification when someone mention your name or mention your website You'll get an update everyday, so you'll know what people are talking about you on the internet Is that important? – [Everyone] Yeah – If someone is talking badly about you, then you can know in advance, and you might want to go there and address that issue So you keep track of what people are talking about you

You can if your domain name, your name, I recommend putting a quotation so you don't get too many notifications Where it says, "Put in Dan Lok," then it's all the combinations Too much So I would put a quotation Another one called Social Mention, SocialMention

com What is it? – [Everyone] SocialMentioncom – It's just like Google Alerts but for social media, so Facebook, Twitter, what people are talking about you You get a free daily update email alert for your brand, your company, marketing campaign, all of that stuff

Also it kind of tells you if there's a developing new story that you can monitor or you can also monitor your competitor as well Powerful? – [Everyone] Very powerful – Very simple to do One more, Image Raider This is interesting

ImageRaidercom, R-A-I-D-E-Rcom Now with Image Raider you can basically upload a picture, you perform what I call an automated reverse image search Automated reverse image search

So you upload your image, and any website that's talking about you, like your image, without mentioning your name, you will get an alert (audience exclaims) Pretty cool, right? Pretty cool If people are stealing your image and distorting your image, and say this and that, you will know, without your permission I actually found some funny things when I upload my image, what image, it's like what sites there on I'll tell you in private if you ask me

It's some funny stuff – [Announcer] 10 times your finances, 10 times your business, 10 times your marketing, 10 times your life Hit the Subscribe button now! (stirring music)

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