3 Best WordPress Website Hosting Companies That Include Free SSL Certificates

This video is good to be about the three best WordPress-based web hosting companies that will give you a free SSL certificate saving you a bunch of money hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom where I make WordPress videos for non-techies if you're new here click on the unsubscribe button and if you like video notifications there's a little bell off to the side of that and you too will let you know when I uploaded a new video now you need an SSL certificate whether you know it or not I know I know that I needed one and I got one if you look on my website it says secure and I got the green padlock a lot of people just know it is this green padlock you need this for every website in fact Google made some changes and insisted in 2017 when it started in one 2017 started that everybody needs an SSL certificate the reward you if you get it and they will penalize you if you don't get it if you have an e-commerce website or any kind of commercial transactions you have to have it and any website you really need it in fact Google even reward you in the search engine results if you have an SSL certificate so it's something that you need now traditionally with Webhost I don't give it to you for free Uribe $5200 per year per website for it and it's getting inexpensive pretty darn quick but now there are several web hosting companies that will give you a free SSL certificate for each website that you have on their service and I want to talk about three of the best Webhost right now in this video now links to everything you could just go to order new hosting

com I have links to everything right there and also have some bonuses if you wanted to get any of these web hosting companies willing to talk about the very best web hosting companies in this video so two of these web hosting companies are getting their free security certificates from a service called let's encrypt now a web hosting company has have specific integration with Lexus and let's encrypt in order for it to work the first two companies have it the third company has an even better SSL certificate program that get you free SSL certificates here is let's encrypt they are probably the leaders in free SSL certificates however not is all perfect and let's encrypt land if you do a search for let's encrypt security problem you see there's been lots of problems with let's encrypt now that doesn't mean their bad securities certificates it just means that they've had some problems so the first web hosting company I want to talk about is a Siteground now Siteground is probably one of the highest rated in terms of quality web hosting companies around especially in the WordPress's space majority-owned with all Webhost most of their websites are WordPress-based websites but they are custom tailored for WordPress and they were probably the first Webhost that I noticed that started offering free SSL certificates highly respected that they were the ones that really pioneering and putting pressure on all the other Webhost to give our free SSL certificates now they have several plans their plans are little on the pricier side because they are metered so if you see on this is start a plan right here 395 per month but it is a limited to 10,000 visits per month and if you look at the other two plans there's this metered aspect of it fantastic web hosting company but you do have to think about this whole metered aspect of it great web hosting company when you visit order new hostingcom I've got information there about some special discounts with Siteground to get you this is 60% off next working to talk about A2Hosting I love A2Hosting I think the performance of A2Hosting is better than what you're going to get from Siteground the value is better than what you get at Siteground A2Hosting's fantastic web hosting company they do not have that metered thing which are getting at Siteground so you're not can have this limitation on how many visits your website can get very very reasonable pricing I also have a special discount lined up with them order new hostingcom you'll read about that I like them a lot I'm actually working on a full review video for A2Hosting because they are that good and next to her and talk about the web hosting company that gives you free SSL but is not let's encrypt their actually giving you Komodo I think I'm pronouncing that right SSL certificate which is way better than the let's encrypt security certificate now that company is InMotion hosting now this is actually knew about a year ago I will I was talking to the folks at InMotion hosting I said you guys gotta get on this free SSL bandwagon you have to do this they looked at let's encrypt they decided there some problems there they don't want to go that route and it took him about a year to get Komodo in place where you're getting a free premium SSL certificate in your not paying for it it's going to be free to you now this actually just launched any new web hosting accounts going to get it all the older web hosting accounts are going to start having it added and there also adding it to VPS's and reseller hosting accounts and it's just a higher-quality SSL certificate you can see they give other subscribers in my channel 857% discount when you sign up for a new web hosting account with them also visit order new hostingcom for info on getting that discount billing will also be in the video description box and when you click on order new hostingcom or visit that website I have a special bonus that I like to give to people that are new setting up WordPress websites or maybe there Novus WordPress users I have paid training courses on my website there from 97 up to 197 I put a essential bundle of these courses together worth over $500 when you visit ordinal hosting

com you'll see about that bundle and if you order web hosting for many of these three companies I will give you that access to that course bundle for free just to make sure that you get off to the right start with having a WordPress website that you take care of yourself that you get running lightning quick yourself secure yourself etc etc so you can visit order new hostingcom to find out all the information on that and also to get the special discounts I'm lined up with these three web hosting companies this is all exclusive to me through order new hostingcom now if you're using any of these three web hosting companies I want to hear about it in the video description below I know probably 90% of the viewers of this channel are using one of these three companies for your own West web hosting needs I'd love to hear how the experience is going down below which one you thinks best out of the three let's not trust the other two but let's praise the one that you're using and having a good experience with hate thanks for watching this video and I'll talk to you in the comments section down below

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