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Hi guys, how are we doing today? 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Welcome to this particular video This video is in my opinion the three best Affiliate programs for beginners Okay, so I've chosen very carefully 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today the best three affiliate programs the affiliate products that I believe cover all bases in terms of supplying you with two superb methods as Well as a program which supplies you with done-for-you promos in the make money online niche Now there are generally four Or five problems that face brand new 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Green affiliate marketers people have said right today

I want to make money online but what do you do now the problems that these guys are facing at this You have to find a niche or at NIT so you have to decide if you want to be in Gulf gardening make money online Amazon whatever Actually first, that's your first job Your second job is to find a product within that niche within that niche that would convert well, which looks good, which would solve the problems of your customers which would Convert well to traffic The whole nine yards So let's say that you're in the make money online knees make money home niche You may want to concentrate on Shopify or Amazon 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today So you're going to need to find a program which will teach you or or your customers how to make a business using Amazon, okay? then you need to probably find yourself a good keyword because you're gonna need to put together a webpage together and Keywords are generally that the three four or five words that people type into Google To find whatever is it looking for? Okay, so so is that Then you need to build a site something that you looking at Something similar to this which is called a landing page you send traffic to this they can you know Do something like theirs? You put your email in and then it would You get their email address and then you can you can email them with your offers Okay, so that's a landing page So you have to make myself So what we've done is I've come to my first recommended product and it's called the Commission machine Okay now the Commission machine was put together by a guy called Michael Channing Michael Chaney Owens round about 12 million dollars per year on both elite marketing learn and he put together and 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today The Commission machine and what it does is in its foot and its front end in its core training It will show you the the basic skills of how to put an affiliate promotion together So like a find a product and drive traffic to it and excels The great thing that is done there however is in the second section Which is called done for you, and we've got something called a few promos here's how So what is done is is? and he's got a chat with a lot of his a lot of his friends who create really great products and They've agreed That you can get guaranteed approval to promote their their offers their products And all they've got to do is send a bit of them Traffic to them because all the works being done for you

Now, you'll need a couple of things You're going to need an Account, if you don't know this I'm gonna show you now So in the text box underneath this video I'm just gonna load this So in the textbox in doing this video you're going to see some text and one of them will say click here to Set up your jvzoo account Click on that set up your accounts free and then When you are in this section, sorry wrong one when you are in this section and you click on request approval you will be taken to this page and You will just click on you know, get your link and 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today You'll be approved and that's it really and you can choose from any of these there's lots and lots here and in this in this section these Products are added to so you get new products to promote every month And and so that's just it just saves you so much time on choosing an easy products, you know making sure that your products are going to Is something that you want to be partnered with is something that you want to be associated with that's all done for you Don't we need to do keywords? Nothing All the pages are done for you

All the sales pages are done for you You literally just need to send some traffic So that's the Commission machine Hmm So that's recommendation number one recommendation number two is stealth Commission's now stealth Commission's was created by Ben Martin and a no Ben and I bought all of his products You know, the guys is is an absolute You see work so hard and he gives so much in Australia This is a YouTube Traffic marketing marketing class and what he's done is he's 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Put together some and we just click on this So I'm gonna go through again this is this is the back end this is in the members area Every time I sort of recommend something I always make sure that I buy it or get access to it so I can show you Kind of under the hood as it were So here Ben talks about longtail keywords activating your YouTube channel And not just that but making sure that you channel will be found Customizing your YouTube channel making it look good Again coming off the back of module one

It's about longtail keywords Making your very first video Make in the beginning and the end of your videos look really good and professional and Then I won't go into this too much now just in case that you don't know I want this to be beginner friendly Search engine optimization basically means it's about getting your videos found Because if your videos don't get found that what we're watching it, there won't be watched You won't get you clicked rooms to your sales page and make sales So these seven and eight are probably the most 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Important ones and what Ben is really good at doing is is explaining things in a very simple laid out measured way It's very calm very Just just doesn't leave anything unturned It's just really good and I love Ben stuff I really do We've got some burner stuff It's a little look at this You know Proof collecting leads creating a capture page So the real ranking review videos

This is this is a really good one as well It's good grades Now, this is very good in that Again, you're gonna be giving some promos to some products to promote Okay And you get interesting Commission's with days, which is very good You get 30 days consult and see what Ben if you've got any questions to ask and this is brilliant this is a secret list of keywords and 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today If you struggling weed keyword research Ben has got a list of 27 that you can go ahead and use that These are keywords are attracting Traffic straight away and there's a matter of fact the one that I'm using For this video that he probably found best affiliate programs Was one of the keywords in Ben's list, but I just put three best affiliate programs for beginners Actually the keyword was best affiliate programs for beginners So I've used that important of the three at the beginning there so web So that's very good as well Ah Yes, now if you're really serious about really getting your videos ranked This is amazing I use this myself on all my videos and I'm not I'm not lying this stealth commissions course it is amazing, and this is about 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Press releases and it sounds really complicated but it's free It's a free method and it works with the stuff in the front in the In this training here Okay, so it's sorry this is all you got surprised know you've got some surprise as well Yeah, so beg your pardon makes this click on training so what this stuff here works with Hmm All this stuff it now you don't need them both together The stuff the previous stuff will work brilliantly So but this just gives it something something a bit more special So that's really really good

So that is stealth commission So that's a YouTube training course, okay So the next one what I'm gonna do is because we've been talking about YouTube and getting videos ranked and stuff the next Project is called evolution and it's a Facebook product Now you send the stealth, Commission's method Let me just okay, so out of all of these search results here my video settings second and it's been sat in second for Three months getting plenty of traffic I mean, I'm still making sales now from it It just keeps bringing them in So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna click on this now

I'm just going to pause it now What I'm gonna do is again in the text box underneath eeeh you're gonna have the link for Commission machine stealth Commission's and I'm gonna put the link in for this review video I'm just gonna give you a little Quick sort of test about what it is on Facebook that this method is but I'd rather you watched The review video because it'll give you an example of how I use Ben's YouTube think but the evolution 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Course is brilliant And it's like I say, it's still bringing in You're still bringing in sales and the evolution method is about using Facebook posts to sell affiliate marketing Products and I just wonder if my gods my facebook my sure Um Show you an example Tungsten yes it is Okay, so what he does is he takes the He takes the information on lettuce that let's just show you an example If we're going to one of One of these again these are done for you These are done for you promotions that you just copy news Okay So again, you would click on get approval And get instant approval by following that you get ready-made bonuses, which is amazing You would put your Your affiliate link in there For that product 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today And you've got all your emails here That you can use but you can use these on your facebook posts

Okay, and this is what the hidden does and He just kind of pops this this stuff in here And he shows you how to make these and he just It grabs people's attention and it's like instead of using email he use in facebook and you're basically using the email copy you put it in and then They show you how to do this Which is brilliant And you get sales or at least you get people you get traffic on there but what I'd rather you do was take a look There my review video for evolution is a brilliant Facebook product It's different to all the rest of them It's not paid ads It's nothing like that It's completely free traffic, but I'd rather you watch the video because you get a little feel for What's going on? And Once you click through on the bonus Thing there, what what I've done is I mean, this is all about the product or what it is there 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today So what I've done it also is I've got a demo I've got one of the training videos from the actual course here and so you can never look at that as well so Yes, sir, again underneath the video You'll find a link for Commission machine which I highly recommend because it gives you all you've done for you promos Then should maybe choose between YouTube and Facebook

Which one do you want to use to start promoting with personally? I would kind of go for the stealth Commission's because it's gonna teach you a lot of skills that you're gonna need and Then if you if you want to use face But you can come to me pollution and buy that so I would highly recommend get Commission machine Get stealth Commission's use those two together you've got YouTube method and you've got your products and then you cannot face book to it as well because Facebook is a massive source of Traffic anyway, so I hope that works so we've kind of kind of chosen three things that are going to take a lot of the work away for you in terms of making websites Finding products working out What's gonna sell? What's the best niche? Well, we've done that for you and I've actually found two traffic sources and two methods for you as well Two out the three brilliant throughout three walk around So hope that works for you look in the text box and the here if you if you've not subscribed to my channel before Would you please click on subscribe? And then next to a bail will come up on the right-hand side Click on the bail So every time I do a new video you'll get an instant 3 best affiliate programs for beginners start making money today Message saying that I've got new video because it might just help because I'm going to be doing lots and lots of videos on how to get traffic to promotions to make money online Thank you so much again for looking through I hope you enjoyed Oh The three best affiliate programs for the Gunners I'm at breath I need a rest

I'll be back soon TECA

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