20180606 Looking for Easy to Use Free Editors for WordPress

Greetings, are you looking for easy to use free editors for WordPress been said that there's a lot of editors and some of our pay to play the ones that I historically have been using are the free ones and so I I found a list from Passive Blog Tips the list is 17 best free and premium WYSIWYG editors these are a list of the free ones if you look at the show notes you'll see the links there directly to the plug-in directory at WordPress for each of these and there's on two three four five six six of them listed I'd encourage you to take a look at those and pick from that litter of puppies which one attracts your eye the best and what I use little shameless plug I use tiny MCE advanced now it might not be the best free editor but I like it okay so I want to say at this point thanks for being a patron if you're a patron if you're not I encourage you to click on the link in the show notes and become a patron because we appreciate your support if you liked this episode you can check out other episodes of The Guy R Cook Report just by going to the link in the show notes and also take a look at the credits and then you'll understand better who's the muses the people that inspire this way back when you know who I'm talking about Fraser and on that note I'm going to say those well I'm going to say see you tomorrow and then I'll say it's a wrap

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