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Here�s a brief run-down of the online marketing tools that are included in ToolsTeam 20: 1

Your Own Website � Imagine having a push-button-simple website that you can customize any way you want, making it personalized to you, and your business 2 Marketing Module � This is the tool everyone remembers from last year Facebook is THE largest marketing platform in the world and you tap right into it Imagine having the largest marketing platform in the world �on tap� and getting prospects that you don�t know how they found you, and you would otherwise never meet

3 Streaming Events � This is huge! Imagine hosting your own webcast like the big-boys and having an unlimited audience follow you live as you talk about your business You can easily get stuck paying $500 to �webinar� places and hit a hard limit of 1,000 people that can participate 4 Mass Email System � Yet another system since the 1

0 days Imagine having a massive list and 0 problems sending emails to each person and knowing they are delivered to the inbox every time We have had a couple B-I-G marketers use the system and they rave about it This system has already sent 27 MILLION emails just this year alone

5 Blogging � Imagine �branding� yourself and having a following that enjoys what you have to say and wants the products and services you offer! OK, now I�m going to have to start giving up the secrets Big marketers develop large followings by building a brand � themselves 6 Training, Training and Training � Yep, reading all that above I know with all the �easy buttons� and �automated� we can put on it, we�re going to need a whole lot of training

Like I said above, that�s a brief list of the features going into �ToolsTeam 20? Pick any one of these tools and it�s easily worth way more than $20!! So at that ridiculous price you�re getting the deal of the lifetime And that�s no hype, I invite everyone to just think about how much they would pay for any each of those items all by itself and then add it all up � it doesn�t take a math wiz to figure out it�s an awesome system at an awesome price! Are You Ready To Be The Next B-I-G Marketer? Get Your Marketing Tools Here: wwwourmarketingtools

net Whether you are interested in the marketing tools to promote your own products / business, or you want to market the tools them self to others, the team you join is very important! You want a strong upline who will be there to help you with any questions you may have and to actively build with / underneath you! We have a very strong team with many people joining every day And we will be placing people below you! For those that want to promote these products we can provide the following: � Presentation Webinars, almost daily! � Presentation Videos, short and long � Marketing Pages � Marketing Graphics � Email Templates � Banners � Facebook Post Templates � Support Even if you do not refer these products, you will still end up getting them for free by joining with us Get Your Marketing Tools Here: wwwourmarketingtoolsnet Kind Regards, George & Merrin Robinson

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