#20 Enable SSL for your WordPress Install | Make a WordPress Website on WPEngine

SSL is what changes the http in your web site address to https WP Engine customers get free SSL through Let's Encrypt

To enable SSL for your WordPress web site: First, login to WP Engine Within the WP Engine Dashboard click the Install name From the left navigation menu, click on the SSL link Click the Add Certificates button Click the Get Let's Encrypt button near the top

Put a check next to both versions of your domain name If for some reason, both versions of your domain name are not available, it may mean you need to correct the DNS setup, or that you must wait a little bit longer

You can do them one at a time though Read and accept the terms by putting a check in the box

Click the Request SSL Certificate button Click the Return to Portal SSL button You will receive 2 emails from WP Engine indicating that your SSL orders have been received Subsequent emails will arrive when complete In the meantime, in the SSL Settings screen, force SSL for WordPress admin pages by checking the boxes for WP-Login — HTTPS only and WP-Admin — HTTPS only Then click the Save button Also in the SSL Settings screen, choose the Allow HTTPS and HTTP option for Unconfigured pages Then click the Save button again When the emails arrive indicating that the "Certificate order is complete" for both versions of your domain, head back to the SSL section in the WP Engine Dashboard Click the Expand down arrow for your main domain, choose the Secure all URLs option, then click the Save all changes button

Upon refreshing the page, you should now see Enabled for the Status of both versions of your domain name That's it for this lesson If you would like to help this channel grow, please click the like button below Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications If you still have yet to sign up for hosting with WP Engine, please use my affiliate link: WPOptimizedHost

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