$100K Herbalife Income: Diversify Your Product Offering with Affiliate Marketing

Hello, again Herbalife website builders my, name is david this is your indie biz and we are working together on your hundred thousand dollar Herbalife income Year, for your Herbalife starter pack okay, now, we have talked about Tons of stuff in this tutorial series, okay, we've gone over how, to build your infrastructure from the business make your website can You, email, add social shares stuff like, that we've gone over how, to the whole process of se going Through, google and getting people, who are floating around looking for Stuff related to herbalife to come to you to buy it okay, and we've, also gone over how To, do the same thing in youtube this one is different okay Selling herbalife is awesome okay it's a great product Okay, it's a 45

Billion dollar business, okay it's huge But do you want to add someone else into your business Why, not there's lots of other things that you can Be selling that are not herbalife and you can incorporate it into the system that would be building here totally for free This is a great way to help yourself climb that ladder up to a hundred thousand dollars this, year, okay? Because selling herbalife is one thing but you can sell anything, okay? And it's actually easier than selling herbalife i'm gonna go over, why it's a technical reason, why selling these things is easy, okay? Check, this out this it's called, affiliate, marketing i'm gonna explain to you, how, to do it in this video with, amazon Okay, amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing program in the entire World okay, take a look it's a piece of cake, watch Ok, herbalizer so you're selling herbalife that, is great but You are looking for other products to sell you know There's lots and lots of things in this world that you are allowed to sell and actually it can Actually be easier than selling herbalife, ok, there's advantages to herbalife, not saying, don't sell i realize i'm saying you can add more products to your repertoire Okay, now in some of our examples in our tutorial, we were talking about a trainer trainer and selling Herbalife, ok, steve the best trainer, ok, so steve selling herbalife to people that's great, ok but He can, make more money by adding more things to his product line Okay, so we selling people herbalife, you know they're getting in shape maybe they, want exercise equipment right maybe they want you know weightlifting gloves Okay, so this is amazon, associates just to be clear here all right you just put a Link, you just go sign up for it it's very very it takes about 20 minutes but it's easy You know everybody gets in if they let, you do this, okay i'm gonna show You how it works Weightlifting gloves so basically it's just doing a search on amazon for weightlifting gloves, okay? weightlifting gloves, oh Here you know steve uses you know Use the women's ones but You know let's say he has a, woman client you know He's using these, women's one he says all these ones are great Okay all you do is click here This is going to give you a link you can shorten it this is very short link okay and now you can email this to your clients you can put it on your, web page and when someone clicks on it They're, gonna go to amazon, and be able to see that product and amazon is gonna pay you a commission for it okay yeah Commissions range from about 1% to 10% So, these gloves are going to be a waste of your time you don't want to do gloves but You know let's, do the trainer's big into You know cycling, yeah, people are asking i mean, oh yeah, ok, so i'm taking your herbalife products, how But what about these bikes that you like, to ride alright so let's look, up rode, books Ski says, oh yeah, absolutely you know in addition to selling you, these herbalife products that you're a great writer let me show You, what kind of bike that i ride? alright All these bikes here, ok, and let's say steve You know it's fine that's worth, some dough Let's say steve says, well you know, what this one appears buddies it's 500 bucks Sports, and outdoors think sports and outdoors is 8%? Okay, this is a forty dollar commission that you're gonna get on this if you, link it okay and again you can Create a, link, like this Okay, and we'll do this right now? shorten the link highlight it copy it Okay, we're gonna go into our weebly build Okay, we're just gonna go back to our front page now it's easy to see our home page okay So let's say in here check out, my latest article in this article you know

You include you know check out the bike i ride here i Can't spell check out the bike i ride here Great alright, give this a highlight Go, to, this this little chain, means create a link Okay, and you want to use a website url you just copied that website url from amazon and you paste it in there okay My, publish there's another cool, way to do this to i'm gonna show You right now Okay, so that's great you can do a text link like that that's very cool, you can, also say get link, put this bigger button it's thinking About it yeah and of course i'm using this as an example Bikes amazon sells every single product in the world if you were you know We used other examples of pregnant women and we're using herbalife you know You know if you have people like that, who your clients you can then start recommending things like strollers to them You know no pumps whatever whatever pregnant women are using you know Whoever your clients are you can start recommending other products to them that go beyond the herbalife Very easily, okay, so let's say you know one of your articles you're talking about how Great this bike is how great herbalife is because you know it allows you to ride, your bike, okay? So we've gone to image only, now, we're just putting in a picture of this blank we're Gonna highlight this html copy it go Back to week okay now you go here to embed code i'm gonna warn you, while i do this This is a lot of information and sometimes it makes me really do a little flashy but it works Click on it always center it first edit the html you're, just gonna paste that long a line of gobbledygook, that they gave you on amazon click off of it And it works just fine which is nice okay? And just put this picture into your Web page okay, let's center this, make it look pretty okay These are both links to amazon now Publish this We're, gonna go so this is what your page looks like on the internet right Refresh it we go down here now These two Links are under your account now in amazon associates and what amazon associates does and it does this way? Better than herbalife i don't know, why herbalife doesn't do this okay with herbalife You, don't have to direct someone cheers go herbalife page that register so that you know herbalife knows, that buying from you watch how simple this is this, these, links have a code in them and They know that that code is affiliated with your account on amazon associates right you click on this picture Okay it sends you to amazon

No fuss no muss they, don't have to fill anything in amazon knows you sent them there okay Amazon knows and amazon is gonna pay you if they decide to buy this product, and they're, going to pay you Sometimes even if they, don't decide to buy, this product, because all this person has to do Is add it to their cart If they add it to their cart then anything This, person buys in the next 30 days You get a commission from okay so this person is looking at a, bike they put it in their car They, decide well i'm not gonna buy that card but you know, what i'm gonna buy a juicer that's worth a thousand dollars and i'm gonna, buy you know a Watch that's worth Five thousand dollars you're getting commissions on the juicer and the watch and they decided by the bike you get the bike too Okay, this is a great way to add different revenue streams to your independent business, okay? This is an absolutely, awesome way to do it and it requires basically No, more effort you know whatever it is that you're into, along with herbalife and then you can mix in with What you're writing herbalife you can, use this strategy it's called affiliate marketing To, make more money okay, this is how You're gonna bump yourself up quickly to you know a really good salary to $100,000 a year Okay, work on getting more herbalife clients at the same time sell other things to people diversify this is how You're, going to make money okay That's it for this, one i'm going to show You some other ones and the next one? So that's it alright you can incorporate this system into, while you're already Doing with herbalife online alright you can, now get people options, okay, bye herbalife or by This other shake or you know if you're a trainer if you're, someone who is promoting things to you know Pregnancy Whatever you can, you can just get products that are related to the people you're talking to who is your audience, okay? you Don't work for herbalife you work for you this is your independent Business whoever your audience is they have, more things than just herbalife that they Want to buy and you should be selling those things to them as? Well and the system that i just showed you is the way to do it alright this is integral to working yourself up to your $100,000 here Alright integral you need to do it okay now if what you just watched, was absolutely so intriguing to you That you need, to learn more i'm gonna direct you to who i learned from and his name is john tommy john crostini is The, world's biggest bro You know some of the things he does are kind of ridiculous he burps a lot, he swears a lot But if you're looking to learn more about affiliate marketing he is definitely the man to do it he runs an awesome webinar every week that you can sign up for i'm gonna put a link to it in In the description below all right you want to learn more chris donnie is the guy he is totally Totally, awesome okay like I think he's the best i think he's the best person that and he loves it more than anyone Okay, so if affiliate marketing something you, want to learn more about click do it It's a free webinar go do it anyways you know he teaches you a lot of stuff in that webinar that i didn't go over okay So that's it alright As always if you have questions, about things that i did not go over, well enough or you Want me to go over stuff that i didn't touch on it all definitely write me a comment in the description Or comment below if you you know are doing great or you're doing shitty let me know I, want to know How it's going if your problem i want to fix it if you doing great i want to know

How Great i did okay? That's it make sure you subscribe? Subscribers gonna give you all the videos and if you don't have all the videos you're never gonna make a hundred grand this year you Just can get frustrated and end up quitting and be a loser, okay i'm gonna put a video up next it's how To, make your, own basic websites you can, start this whole process Alright, that's it i want to know, about your success let, me know Alright i'll see you the next video

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