100% Affiliate Marketing Commissions Are They Real Or A Scam?

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to it another video here on the channel where today guys we're gonna be talking about a hundred percent affiliate commissions because guys they definitely do exist and I'm getting a lot of questions especially recently about whether they're real they're fake they're a scam or whatever they are and I'm gonna explain exactly in this video what they are where to find them and how you guys can make some money using them because guys honestly they are not scams and I'm gonna explain exactly why companies will actually give you guys 100% affiliate Commission's without a problem before we get into that though guys if you're brand new to my channel this is the first time you're watching one of my videos then please subscribe right now we're brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys let's just start this video off right now so a hundred percent affiliate Commission's guys yes they are definitely out there there are definitely many many companies more than willing to offer you on a hundred percent commission based on different sales and products now guys a lot of you probably think this is gonna be fake this is gonna be a scam let me tell you guys 100% affiliate commissions are very real for the most part course guys I can't say every single company offers 100% up earlier Commission's is gonna be completely legit and not a scam but there are definitely legit companies very real companies willing to offer 100% affiliate commissions and guys the reason they're doing that is because what they're really trying to do is they're trying to actually generate as much customers as they possibly can these guys the hardest part about online business whether it's a flip marketing dropshipping shop fly whatever the first department for pretty much any business is actually getting that initial customer once you have a customer they're like four times as likely to purchase from you again and then on top of that guys with companies that actually charged monthly services or actually will deliver products on a monthly basis that's the hardest part of their business is actually customer acquisition they'll actually more than happily pay you a hundred percent of affiliate commission upfront infraction getting them a customer because they know that off that one customer you brought them they'll be able to make hundreds if not thousands or more dollars just off that one customer because you won't bring them that initial stay level it's just a it's like $25 and look at that all to you but then after that guys they're definitely gonna be following up with that customer selling them other offer some other products and that's where they'll make even more money so say for example like I said they gave you $20 for that sale but then what the company is gonna do is they're gonna keep in contact with that customer and them offers and them deals and then whatever and an attempt to make more sales if that customer actually makes over the course of the next like six months to a year I'll just say $200 and purchases from that company that company never generated over two hundred twenty-five dollars over the course of that year from that one customer that you brought them they give you 25 25 dollars up front for that customer and then they actually end up coming away with a twin dollar profit at the end of the year but with that being said guys and they're just giving away like five percent of their total profit or revenue for each customer to an affiliate they're more than willing to do that guys because they're making a fantastic return they're only spending $25 but they're getting back $200 she's not one customer you bring them let's just say you brought them 10 customers over the course of a year they might pay you like $250 then they're gonna make an extra $2,000 for themselves really company for the business just from those customers alone just based on other sales I'm gonna make to that customer in the future it's so much easier to actually get a customer to purchase from you again once they purchased the first time it's way harder to get a new customer customer acquisition is definitely one of the biggest problems in business and it's definitely one of the hardest things to do which is why companies who might not be that great at it are more than willing to pay 100 percent commission upfront because they know as a company as a business they're gonna make a lot more money on the back end that's where so many people need to start focusing on actually guys infinitely marketing in general way too many people are focusing on the front end but any good business any good company knows that like the real money where all the real money is gonna be made is gonna be on the back end like I said with the example guys that company over the course of a year is only making 5% of their total sales or revenue of that customer they're making the other 95% on the back end that's what so many companies do guys the biggest companies in the world all do the same exact thing that's why they have these huge sales these huge promotions you buy one get one free use like 50% off send your papers and all huge sales they have these huge sale events the president is saying it's like old a holiday sale events all those companies are more than willing to give all that merchandise all those products away I like a 50% discount because guys you might be taking a 50% cut upfront but guys like I keep saying in the back end over the course of like a year the next five years the companies are gonna make way more money off of that individual customer that's exactly why a hundred percent up for the Commission's exist in the first place because companies understand that good businesses understand that most the money is made on the back end which is why they're more than happy to pay you up up front in the front end with that being said other guys I can't vouch for every single company that offers 100% of the Commission's of course you're gonna find people out there companies out there that are trying to scam relates and scam offers but there are definitely legit companies that are more than willing to offer you 100 percent after they commissioned you just gotta go out there look for them yeah actually make sure you do some research into these companies before your flavor for them just look online Google some stuff make sure that legit I don't find some other affiliates from the program or actually can vouch and say they actually got paid not to get scammed guys of course I can't vouch for every single company there's no way for me to know I'm gonna show you to tell you guys a hundred percent of commissions do exist and they are real you're not white all them off as scams immediately but definitely new research before you actually go an affiliate for one now with that being said guys that's pretty much the video this is gonna be a quick one I just wanted to cover this very specific topic just because I've been getting the question a lot and it's a pretty interesting topic to cover I think at least if you enjoyed the video guys definitely drop a like on it and guys definitely definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day you guys have any more questions about what you saw in this video or flow marketing in general feel free to drop a comment in the comment section I'll answer every single one I get with all that stuff being out of the way my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one and I am out yes

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