10 Free Online Design Tools For Web Designers – Pixeden and more…

Okay, so I’m making a series of videos about online design tools that you can use for your own website or for designing somebody else’s website, and today I am going to take you through 10 websites

which give you the opportunity to create mock-ups Several are, you know, downloading PSDs Several are uploading pictures and downloading the files

Anyway it’s a mixture of websites that you can use to enhance your websites So let’s go The first one I want to show you is PIXEDENCOM and if you go there and you have here free graphics, then you get taken to this page where you can see all kinds of PSD mock-ups and as you can see there’s a lot of them

And basically what you do is, for instance, you want an iPhone 7 PSD Jet Black Mock-up [sorry] then you go here and you can just download it as a free resource That’s the first site PIXEDENCOM The second one is CSS AUTHOR, which is really an awesome site

and you have a thousand plus free mock-up templates and PSD designs and basically you just scroll through You go for instance to, let’s say, tablet mock-ups here and then you can just look at them and you can just download these

and there’s some really nice ones as you can see And again just if you have Photoshop then it’s very easy to switch these things out It’s a long, long, long list of mock-ups as you can see That’s CSS AUTHOR Definitely check that one out

Then the next one is PIXELBUDDHANET, which has freebies, also some paid options, but this is the freebie section where, for instance, you can say, okay, I want to see web project presentation mock-ups and then here you can view them This one I like, really This is the retro mock-ups As you can see here, you can basically just download these and you download the PSD file

Yeah? That’s PIXELBUDDHA Another one that is really nice is FREEBIESBUGCOM If you go to the website then, you know, on the front page you see all kinds of other stuff, but here on the side you see free PSDs and here you have your free PSD resources, so for instance let’s see Let’s scroll through: personal blog design template so here you can download that PSD file

and then you can use it as a mock-up You can also, here, free PSDs, mock-ups itself, then you get the usual mock-ups You know, that you can use for your design, for instance, let’s take a nice one

Okay, let’s take this one: white mock-ups for the iPhone 6 and then you can just upload or you can just design, like, your PSD, you can put the picture in that you want and create your mock-up like that Then there’s GRAPHICBURGER

COM I love this name This is just totally awesome, where there’s all kinds of other mock-ups For instance, there’s bus stop mock-ups, there is T-shirt mock-ups, hanging walls, and let’s check one out: coffee cup in hand mock-up And here you can see, and again, you can download them, the layered PSD

Yeah? Here you can also see the dimensions are 4100 x 2800 pixels, which is pretty cool Minimum Photoshop version CS3, size etc So you get all these data and you can download I mean, just check it out There’s a lot at GRAPHICBURGER

That’s GRAPHICBURGERCOM Then we go to MEDIALOOTCOM, which has all kinds of other kinds of mock-ups For instance here there’s a wood photo frame mock-up and you can check it out, you know, like what kind of frame mock-ups they have, and again, it has a free license, you can use them for commercial projects, but in this case you have to give attribution back to MEDIALOOT

Yeah, just as a note Many of the others you don’t have to give attribution Then there is DUNNNKCOM It’s a bit a simpler site

This is a website where you basically upload your picture and then you create a mock-up For instance, here you can upload the design and then it will put the picture here inside the screen and then you can download it

That’s DUNNNK with three Nscom Then there is LAB25COUK

This is a very nice website “Get started” It doesn’t have a lot of mock-ups but what they have is pretty okay For instance here you can have a MacBook Pro or an iMac One or And again you upload your files Let’s say this one So you drop the image here and then it creates basically this mock-up for you Yeah? Then there’s PLACEIT

NET What I like about PLACEITNET is that they have a First of all they have a lot, but they also have PNG’s, like transparents So for instance if I click here “transparents” then I see only the transparents, which, you know, usually is something that we use as web designers You just click on something and then you drop the image and then, etc And then it’s downloadable, yeah? Then another one is MOCKUPWORLDCO

Here you have for instance, in this case, a big carton box mock-up, but here you also have a good search function, so for instance if I type in “car,” entire site, search, then what I’m going to see – here we go here, so here you have, like, a steering wheel and, you know, and it’s all sort of laid out as a blog post, iPhone in car mock-up, compact car mock-up, etc Again all free mock-ups, you can download them, etc

, and use them So those were the 10 websites where you can download mock-ups This was part 1 in a series of free online tools for web designers I made a video before with free stock photos I’m going to put a link down below the video also

All websites by the way are down in the description linked, so you can just click on the links and then you go to these websites If you have any suggestions for other videos, then let me know, because I am ready to make a whole series of these with all kinds of tools, that web designers can use to build their websites for themselves or for their clients Okay, so far so good Please subscribe if you liked the video You can share the video of course

It’s not a problem, we don’t mind if you do So see you in the next video probably and if you subscribe, again, then you’ll be notified immediately as soon as that video number 2 is online

So thanks for now and happy designing

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