10 Best WordPress Plugins Free for Blogs or Websites

hey everyone this is andre from andre elvine calm and today we're going to discuss the ten best wordpress plugins that are free for your blog or website and this is a subjective 10 batts our top 10 or whatever you want to call it it's subjective so these are just two mics through my own experiences with different websites and what performs better with WordPress in terms of plugins ask met is one of the best spam protectors for WordPress I believe it is the best and what that does it it blocks different spam comments are different just people that's trying to our our computers that are trying to intrude on your websites and in your comments and things of that nature as you can see right here I have highlighted it's at almost a ninety nine percent accuracy rate and in the past looks like the past six months 51 spam attempts have been tried and this thing works works very well so it's a it's an awesome plugin the Google Analytics plugin is really a no-brainer I highly highly highly highly recommend this plugin what it does it enables google analytics on every page of your site but you have to make sure that you set up a google account you can go to analytics google com or just do a google search on google analytics and the page pop up and you can go in there and set up an account fer so make sure you do that and once you download once you got that squared away you you download the plugin there's a video for you to watch and there's a tutorial that's why i have that circle so that's that's very important so make sure you do that first and it'll it'll pretty much tell you step-by-step what to do so it's really not that hard anyway so even without the video and that's you know maybe it's just me talking and through my experiences but you might be a super novice so make sure you watch that video Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress this is an this is a another very important you ever see those charts of how different web are different bloggers when they show you the traffic that's going to their website that's what this is in a in a nutshell this particular plug-in what it does it'll show this just one screen right here where it's showing where the traffic is coming from to my website and there's also a tab that shows way thinks the not sure how many but it'll show like on this screen and location it'll show the traffic like this word where it's coming from like if it's coming from facebook or pinterest or if it's coming from if the traffic is coming from google or bing it has a tab that will show you all of that there's a lot of information on and i highly recommend it I theme security is a wordpress security plugin and what this does is self-explanatory it'll it'll save your website it'll save you a lot of headache also and have this screen here we're going to show you one of the things that does a strong password info is enforcement it and it forces your password that you have set up for your website along with many many other things there's a paid version of it also but since well this video is about free plug-ins I don't have the paid version I go with the free plugin you can see down there below malware scan scheduling pro is what that is right there so you can you can't get the get the pay version if you if you like so i will wait i will wait on something like that and just go with the free version for now w3 total cache is a wordpress performance plugin if you don't have one of these on your website you are just waiting waiting for an attack on your website so do you have to have some some added a security and some added this thing will show you to show you well it'll show you how well your website is performing and that's very very very important because a lot of times you'll have issues with your website and you can go into the settings of this particular plugin maybe you have something able that shouldn't be enabled and you can go into this plug-in and disable it and so forth once you download the plug-in you'll see the performance tab to the left of your WordPress dashboard and you see at the top word general page cache and all that good stuff and that's that's uh it's kind of the area i was talking about if you have something enabled that shouldn't be enabled that's affecting your website you can always go in and disable it and so far there's a lot of information there I wouldn't if you don't know what you're doing with this particular plug-in just download it leave it alone if you don't know anything if you don't know anything in terms of the use of it download the plug-in anyway but don't go in and start messing around with something because you can screw your website up big time make sure you remember that Yoast SEO is all in one SEO solution for WordPress is a very good NC SEO optimized which a search engine optimization and what that is it's a web site where it helps you optimize your website for the search engines this particular plug-in at the time of this recording I do not have activated and that's because I have a different have a paid blog theme which is called optimize press and I'm actually using the SEO option on it the reason that I disabled the Yoast because I didn't want both of them coexisting on the website not in want anything to mess up all I needed is one so I disabled the Yoast SEO but it's a pretty good solution for search engine optimization it also does things like gives you a sitemap for gives you a sitemap for your WordPress website and that site map is something that you'll need to upload to Google as well but Yoast SEO with yours nco I'm telling you it's a it's a pretty awesome it's awesome plugin if I didn't have the paid option I would still already have it running on my website contact form 7 it's a simple contact form first of all every website should have a contact page so make sure when you're building your website that you have a contact page and with this particular screenshot here this is what my contact page looks like and you notice at the top it has a CAPTCHA button which it makes sure that it's not a robot sending you comments are comments to your contact form I used to get that all the time before they redesign and added the CAPTCHA to the contact form plug-in I used to get all kind of weird messages and everything but when they added this it completely stops so that's that's pretty cool simple share button adder that's a share button for your posts and pages and I'll show you exactly what that is as you see on this shot here it's the Facebook Twitter Linkedin all that good stuff right there and this is the this is the settings page and what this does is as you can see here you can actually choose what social icons social share icons that you want to use for your blog so these are the four that I use you can add as many as you like and I have my posts on so every time that I write a blog post that will be underneath the blog I actually have it to where where you see where it says placement there it's placed at the top of the blog and at the bottom of the block so anyone can share whatever it is that you're writing broken link checker is a very important plug-in as well check for broken links mrs missing images and notifies you as well so you'll see a notification somewhere in your WordPress dashboard if you have a broken link on your website and this is just the settings page for it all the different different things you can go in there and check some stuff out from time to time i actually i'll show you you can actually set up which links to check and all that good stuff so it's a good plugin and i highly recommend it as well insert header and footers this is where you can insert code in your header or your footer of your block from time to time from time to time you'll see that you'll like this particular one Facebook pixel cold so I have a facebook pixel code on my website and I needed to add code to my website so whenever you need to add code to your website it actually keeps you from going into the the editor part of your website and screwing everything up if you're not familiar with with the different HTML codes and all other all of things so make darn sure that you download this particular plug-in because it makes everything easy you can just copy and paste the code into your header or footer okay we're going to do a recap of the 10 best wordpress plugins number one ask a mat and i hope i'm pronouncing that right number two is google analytics very important google analytics dashboard for wordpress is number three the fourth-best and I theme security number five w3 total cache number six Yoast SEO 7 contact form 7 no pun intended oh we go back I think I went a little too fast number 8 simple share adder simple share adder number 9 there we go broken link checker and number 10 that I think you should download insert headers and footers hey this is not to say that you only need 10 those just a 10 best that I can think of in terms of importance so there's there's other plugins that you may want part that you that you're going to need to use as well so just make sure you don't have one kids I want to make sure you don't have like 30 plugins because if you have like 30 active plugins on your website it's gonna slow it down big time so make sure that you have the right ones and it's at a nice 1518 number I wouldn't I wouldn't have over 20 plugins because it'll it'll slow your site down so 20 25 somewhere in there so make make just make sure that you're not having to over use plugins hey make sure you subscribe to my channel you'll see uh should see somewhere here or go to the front page of my youtube channel and make sure you subscribe hey thanks for watching thanks for spending time with me I appreciate it appreciate you as well thank you

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