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Hello this is a review for the one click video site builder this is a cool plugin that allows you to grab any YouTube video and create it as a unique post on your website after you put the plug-in on your website you'll go here to the options of the one-click video site builder put in your Google API key you can check these boxes to download the thumbnails as a featured image to auto play the video when someone lands on the posts to show related videos like once your video is done playing it'll automatically populate a few related videos in that little iframe window and then to keep or disable the annotations and then you'll hit save options once these have saved you're going to go over here to the admin box and this is where you will choose your keyword and all of your settings so I have the keyword Spencer Coffman in here so we'll search for all of my videos you could also search by video IDs then you could just paste in your unique video IDs hit go and that's the videos that will be posted said and done otherwise you can filter out certain keywords you can only search in certain YouTube channels like if I wanted to put only my videos I could just put my YouTube channel there you can choose whether to sort your videos by popularity rating most recent or relevance popularity is probably your best bet but it would work better with you know broad keywords such as funny animal videos or something like that or sports compilation x' or whatever like something more generals that you're going to have a lot more popularity with with spencer Coffman or your name or your business it's going to be so specific that you're going to want to do relevance so for this purpose we'll do relevance you can choose any video durations you can show videos with at least like if you do the popularity one and you have a really broad keyword like epic sports fails or something like that then you could do videos with a million views to try to get your viral rate up you can choose how many videos you want it to find so let's just do five you can go over here to the scheduling options and you can choose to schedule so many posts per week and this is what you'll do if you want to start drip-feeding things in you could schedule seven posts per week which is one new video every day that'll just automatically grow to your site create a brand new post with the complete description and everything right in there you can choose to publish them all right away which is what we will do is you can see them you could save them all as drafts so then you could view them and edit them if you want within your post editor then after that you can add them to a category now let's say you don't have a category created yet well you just go down here add new category and we'll go make one Spencer Coffman hit add new and there it is so we have everything all set you can either preview the videos that it'll find and if you do this then it'll show you the five videos that it grabbed and you can select and disable which ones you want or you can hit generate and it will automatically start them all so let's just do that will it generate and it'll create five video posts for us right away here we go so it's searching it found 50 videos and here are the videos that it posted all right so generated five process The videos now here it says already published equals zero so let's say you do this again with the same keyword and you hit go find it won't publish a duplicate post it'll it'll filter it out see it says already published it would say like let's say here National Do Not Call Registry how to stop telemarketers let's say that one we already had published through this plugin okay that's important because it won't recognize if you have the same post but you didn't use it through this plugin so if it already retrieved it through this plug-in it would say already published one filtered out one and it wouldn't repost this as a duplicate post because having duplicate posts is not good for your website or search results alright so you can see your posts here so that's the same thing as clicking on these posts here well just go over here and click all posts open that up in a new tab and you can see here they are it also has a little video icon so you'll see it has the video post in addition this is really handy it grabs all of the tags for the YouTube videos and adds them as a tag which means that if you were to share this post through a social sharing plug-in to your Twitter or something all of these tags would be kept and be put right over there on that social media website as well all right so let's take a look at one of these and you can see how cool the post looks how easy it is and how simple it is to have completely done for you drip-feeding in one click video site automatically alright so here is the post again this is a template that's just with this theme so you have the title this is the thumbnail the videos automatically playing as you can see here we're going to pause it here is the entire video description notice the links are still there all the description is here and they have people who watch this video you'll notice if you go to my YouTube this video the actual description of it you'll see this is a link of the YouTube video so my theme has just posted it in there as an embed your theme may do different things you can always mess with that in the theme settings in addition WordPress default any Twitter links are automatically hyperlinked so you'll see that basically there it is there's the entire description with all the links now the only disadvantage is you'll see these links aren't clickable so you would have to manually go in and hyperlink all these in your post editor we'll go here to the end of this video and you can see here the annotations and then we keep a claim here the related videos that pop up then you can disable that or enable that so basically the one-click video site builder is a really cool plugin that you can use to automatically populate your website with videos and you can schedule them to go in every day multiple times a day or you can do it manually and you can add them to categories it retrieves all the tags it retrieves the entire description so this is probably one of the best auto populating video site building plugins on the market and I highly recommend it to anybody who's looking to drip-feed YouTube videos into their website to help boost their SEO and their content it's well worth it go ahead and pick it up grab it from the link below today until next time you

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