­čö┤ Affiliate Marketing How I Earned $300k+ Passive Income from One Product

– Yo, what's up guys? Pat here, and today we're gonna be talking about affiliate marketing! And again, thank you so much for joining me today We're gonna talk about some good stuff like how I was able to make over 300,000 dollars by promoting one product

Now this has been something that's happened over three years and no I'm not talking about a hosting company A lot of you know I make quite a bit from promoting a particular hosting company It's not that So make sure you stick around If you're watching live, stick around because this is gonna be awesome

I'm gonna teach you a lot of the strategies and show you my accounts to show you that this actually true, that I'm making this much money from a single product I will reveal this product in just a second and tell you exactly why this product is so great It's actually not a very expensive product either I know a lot of people assume that you have to promote a thousand dollar product and get 50% commission just to do really well, well this is not that Additionally, I'm gonna show you exactly where and how I promote this product, and I would love for you to just choose one of these things

So as you're going through this, you know, it's gonna be a lot, but all you need is one to start out with 'Cause like I said, I built this sort of database and arsenal of strategies over time, and then I was able to sort of start to see the income start to grow So yes you can make money short term by doing these strategies, but as you build these up it becomes a really part of your portfolio So, what's up, guys? So, let's see Can you guys see me? I just wanna make sure this is okay

I see somebody, hotsauce says is this just audio I won your last livestream, I didn't catch your contact email says sensationallife Pat@smartpassiveincomecom My assistant will look out for it

I see you, and I'm guessing you guys can hear me too or else you wouldn't have answered that question So let's get started, guys Affiliate marketing, we don't need this anymore And so we're gonna dive into it And I'm gonna show you actually the backend of the affiliate account program that I'm using to talk about this product

Actually, before we get to that, big shoutout and thank you to Adam Richardson, who last week on the replay won the Will It Fly? book and the Ask Pat T-shirt For those of you watching the replay right now, you can also win by answering a question that I'm gonna ask you at the end of this stream and I'll announce the winner next week, 'cause we go live every Friday now, which is really cool So, awesome, let's talk about this So, what is this product? Well, let me describe this product for you really quick It's a 29 dollar product, but it's 29 dollars a month to use it

Now a lot of people talk about the holy grail of passive income, and that's recurring passive income Now when people hear that, they often think of membership websites Right, creating your own membership website Being an affiliate for a product that has a recurring revenue, that pays out monthly, as long as people stay on, I feel is the holy grail Because, guess what? A membership site is not easy to create

It's not easy to manage, it's not easy to get new members and it's not easy to keep new members on When you have a product that you promote as an affiliate that has a recurring revenue and they pay monthly, well then guess what? Even though it might cost 29 dollars and you get 30 percent, which is essentially 10 dollars a month per person, that adds up Because if you get 10 people one month, well you add another 10 people the next month, now you're at multiples of that income So that's great So any guesses? We have some people guessing what this product is already for those of you who were on the stream earlier, you know this

And I'm so glad you can see me now That's why we're doing an encore today because I had a random camera angle I had this camera angle before Although it was only showing a light and that's it for five minutes, so we're kind of redoing this right now And I will take you into the computer this time as well and show you

This product is also great because it's one of those products that when you see, it almost sells itself When you're doing any sort of affiliate marketing, if you can demonstrate the product, and if a person sees that demonstration, can envision and see themselves just getting so many great results from that product quickly then it's gonna be a big win for you Now this is the challenge when it comes to selling digital products like an online course or even an ebook, right? What is a demonstration of an online course look like? What does a demonstration of an ebook look like? How can a person imagine themselves getting a result with that right away? This is why physical products are actually really great for affiliate marketing So using things like Amazon Associates, but especially software, and that's what this product is Some of you have already guessed what this product is, and that's Converkit

So I'm gonna take you to the backend of my computer here and so this is my account for Converkit, which runs through an affiliate program called Get Ambassador So very much like Converkit itself, Converkit you can actually go to barometricscom and see the earnings that Converkit's making Well, I'm doing the same thing here So this is Converkit

I've earned, actually it's closer to 400,000 dollars Again, this didn't happen overnight This is not easy to do, but if you do it right, things can add up over time and you can see that I've been paid 350k over time for this product Now why Converkit? Why is this like a great thing to promote? Well, here is the big strategy here It is yes, something that is a great tool

It's something that when you see, you're like, wow, I can imagine myself using that The big strategy is I don't teach email marketing I teach building online businesses, entrepreneurship, and it just so happens that part of that process of building a business And getting online is email marketing So when your affiliate product becomes a smaller piece to a larger whole, you can even teach that whole thing for free

I have tutorials and other things on email marketing which I'll show you in just a second, so stick around But when you teach the whole thing, you give so much value and it just so happens that step three is the tool that you use Whether a person uses that tool or not, you're giving them value But because you demonstrate and show how you use that tool in an overall process, it just makes sense, right? Because then you don't even have to really sell it It's just a part of the process

You were teaching people how to go from to A to Z, and it just so happens that letter J is something that you can make a little bit faster and be done more efficiently with a tool So a lot of people are like Converkit, yep, thought so Again, I'm glad you guys are here Okay, so let's talk about this even more So affiliate marketing, what's the number one thing besides having a great product, right? What's one thing that you can do to really knock it out of the park when you promote this? Well, I'm gonna show you

Let's go back in and share the screen and I'm gonna show you, and I'm gonna take you to Converkit's demo on YouTube This is a demo that I created and this is something that you can easily do yourself Create a video demonstration of you using that product So this is a Convertkit demo, it's been viewed 25,000 times And again, this was published in 2015

So nearly three years ago, and you can see it's, you know, actually if you go to YouTube and you type in Convertkit, it's actually the first thing that shows up Now that didn't happen right away, but when you provide value, you are going to be found Now let me go back to the camera here and talk about this with you So a demo How does this work? Why does it make sense? It makes sense because when people wanna buy something they want to see what it's like first before they buy it

People want to buy what they know, right? Why would people buy stuff that they don't know? So why not do something like a video demonstration to give them all the insights and the insides and how that thing works so that they can be more comfortable with that purchase Some other things here in this demonstration I'm yes, talking about the product, but I'm not doing necessarily a review on it There's a lot of reviews on things, and yes you can use a video to do a review as well, but a demo, a demo shows people how to use it So it's not just a review, right? I'm showing people how to use it So this 20-somewhat minute video walks people through

So what is my goal? What is your goal when you're doing a demo? To show a person how easy it is to use So think of even unboxing videos There's lots of YouTube channels here like Unbox Therapy, other ones with millions of subscribers What do those people do? They literally get a package and film themselves opening that thing And then people are like, oh, I want that, because they can imagine themselves using it, and the person demonstrates how easy it is to use

And they're like, oh, that's it? That's all I gotta do? Well of course And then when you provide value and teach at the same time and you let people know what you do have to for FTC regulations, you have to let people know that yes, you do get an affiliate commission if you go through this link, for example, which I do in that video and in the description you need to do that Well then people are gonna want to go to that link because you've helped them out You were the one to show them that thing and that's your job as a person doing affiliate marketing There's a product out there that exists in the market

People are probably buying it already, but maybe they don't even know it exists, and there's this audience here who needs some help or wants that thing or whatever, your job is to marry the two and then magic can happen, right? So that's kind of how this works So Amber says I have trouble envisioning how this would work in the parenting niche Think of tools that you might use or games that you might play with your kids You can show people and demonstrate how you actually play those games Every other blogger just promotes a mass of products

Yes, this is the other thing Like, you want to be very selective with the products that you promote as well So that's a demo And what do you do with this demo? Well, first of all, you put it on YouTube Definitely put a video on YouTube

People, they often go to YouTube first just to look for things, right? So that's number one Number two, every time you mention this product now on your website, Mention the demo as well linked to it, that's gonna create back links back to that video, which yes, it's gonna be a no follow link for those in the SEO world, but it does play a role in everything and how people find things And plus, right, like if you mention this product, people are gonna be like oh, Convertkit, I don't know Well there's a demo I'll actually go see what it looks like

So now I have this demo, which is very high value, plus it's my voice, you don't even need to put your face on the video, and people are hearing me and they're hearing how I teach and they're seeing how easy it is to use While I'm also building a relationship with them at the same time And so that can be helpful for people who are on your website Whenever I mention it on a podcast, hey guys, by the way, there's a Convertkit demo I'll link to it in the show notes for you so you can see exactly how easy this is to use

So see, I put the benefit in there as well So that's the video demo So keep that in mind That's the strategy number one So let's go back into the computer here and look at the next strategy

This is a very simple thing you can do This is most profitable page on Smart Passive Income and it has been every single year in existence, and that is the resource page This is a page on your website that has a list of resources that have been tools that you've used that you recommend So you can see it's actually broken down into different sections If I scroll down to the Start Email Marketing and List Building section, boom, there's Convertkit

There's a little bit of a paragraph there behind there I actually should link to the demo here as well I don't know why it's not doing that, but it should And then you can click on this link to be an affiliate Now of course the affiliate disclosure is at the top of this page, but a resource page is a very, very good thing to have on your website because, guess what? It's a very passive strategy

People will often go to the resource page because it's a list of resources People love tools and resources to help them fast-forward their results And so also, it's something that you can just mention in passing anywhere On your podcast, hey guys, if you want to check out the list of all the amazing resources that I'm using right now to help me with X, Y and Z Check out my resource page

It's at smartpassiveincomecom/resources You talk about a particular tool on a blog post, even though it might not be that tool, you can say and by the way, we have a list of other tools that you can find that I vetted, that I have experience with, that I have demonstrations on on my resource page at smartpassiveincomecom/resources So let's see here

Where's the best place to find out what companies pay out to an affiliate? Well, I would actually start with what products you use and then check to see if they have an affiliate program Sometimes they do Often times they do Sometimes they don't If they don't, it might not just be public

So you can actually reach out to them and say hey, I have this audience, I'd love to promote your product Do you have an affiliate program? Often also known as a partner program or a referral program, just so you know So, some companies don't know what affiliate means, but you can use the words referral program or partner program too Alright, let's keep going here We got some more stuff to show you

So going into the computer So here is another video And you can see here it says How to Start An Email List Tutorial Video 1 But there's also tutorial video two Tutorial video three

Tutorial video four Somebody unsubscribe just to see if this number went down, you're funny I love you guys Team Flynn for the win So there's six videos here in the series, and remember I said earlier, you can teach a whole process and it just so happens that as a part of that process you mention this tool

Super high value, super shareable, super Googleable, meaning it will be something that's high in resource that can be found in search, or YouTubeable if you will So this is video one And this is where I mention okay, this is why email, building an email list is important, and here's the tool that I recommend Video two, Convertkit's not mentioned in here at all It's part of a process right? How to get more email subscribers

Video three, strategies to get more email subscribers Number four, how to setup an auto-responder series, number five, how to setup a broadcast email So even though I don't specifically mention Convertkit in those emails for example, I do use Convertkit as the demoing software But I always say, it doesn't matter what software you use This will be helpful for you, but of course people see me using Convertkit, they want to follow the same thing, they're gonna use the same tools too

So there you go So great conversation happening in chat right now By the way, if you haven't hit Subscribe yet, hit Subscribe, we can make this counter go up I go live every Friday, and so if you're coming from the email I sent out earlier, whether you're watching the replay or watching live right now, hit Subscribe because I'm going full force on YouTube right now It's pretty awesome

Don't worry, the podcast isn't going anywhere Okay, so let's keep going here So, a part of a series that can be very shareable Now of course you would want to also, what do you do with that series? Well, put that on your blog Why wouldn't you, right? It's a tutorial, high-end, it's a video

So make a tutorial on your blog as well And guess what? You link to these videos in these tutorials So basically, you can repurpose this content in many different ways and get more bang for your buck More results from the efforts that you have So here is a tutorial

How to Start an Email List in 2018 I literally just update this every year and change the date So I do update it, but you know, this makes it so that it seems more relevant to right now, which it is So that's just a little side strategy for you As you can see it was updated and published in February of 2018, even though this was a post that was originally written in 2009

I've since changed email service providers, so that has changed, and it just makes a person feel comfortable that this is something that is up-to-date So, a lot of information here, right? Very high-end tutorial Longer posts get often shared more Adds more watch time and session time on your website, but here we are! Here are the videos! The same exact videos that were on YouTube and guess what? Here is the Convertkit check, and by the way, Amber says, I just watched that series and it was amazing Thank you, Amber, I appreciate that

So again, having a series of videos which helps on YouTube specifically right, especially if they're on a playlist and slight tip for those of you who do YouTube, if you have a series of videos that teaches something, share the link to that playlist whenever you mention it Not just the single first video Because, if it's in a playlist, it looks like a playlist and a person will automatically go from number one to number two It will automatically suggest that They're all there

It keeps people in there which keeps people on YouTube longer, which keeps people watching your videos longer, which just helps you in the algorithm So that's what I wanted to share with that Alright let's keep going here, guys You guys are great, thank you so much Just checking, and actually let's take a quick where are you from break, 'cause I like to break up that, do pattern interrupts, so just tell me really quick in the chat where you're from, are we out some places in just a minute as I keep going here

So where are you from? Awesome, let's keep going So we are now into this video Excuse the screenshot, although I did purposefully put this in here 'cause I look really weird and funny, but here we go The Top Five Email Marketing Third Party Tools Gosh, we got people watching from Calgary, Portugal, London, are there any US people in here? Oh, okay, cool

A lot of them, actually Texas, San Diego, thanks guys Appreciate you being here and participating and being a part of Team Flynn Okay, so let's keep going with this The top five email marketing third party tools

Well, let me just, I wanted to just show you this video really quick Now I'm gonna come back to me So a list of resources People love lists of resources, so what is in that video? So I talk about OptinMonster which is a tool, I talk about Leadpages, I talk about Hello Bar and a few other tools in and around email marketing, right? So yes, those provide often affiliate marketing opportunities too, but they don't have to One of those tools is Convertkit

So even if a person already has an email service provider, right, they don't need the Convertkit tip, but they got the four other ones that are high value that they might not know about or might not have gotten access to yet But, it becomes a shareable post that even if people use Active Campaign or Aweber, they might even still share that post with their audience And now new people are coming who are going to see my recommendation for Convertkit And so if they get value and they might dive into my demo, it just becomes a way to not directly, but still allow for a Convertkit link and promotion to be put in there So you can see how it kind of like indirectly in and around these other products and don't just pick four random products

You still want them to obviously be helpful, and it doesn't have to be five either It could be top three, top ten, top nine, seven, whatever, odd numbers tend to do very well, at least on YouTube and on blogs One of those can be your main focus product because these kinds of posts get shared very often So I have seen a lot of conversions on this video and then also a corresponding blog post that is exactly the same thing So again, a nice way to kind of insert that link again in a way that's not just like hey guys, Convertkit again, here it is! But no, yeah, it is a recommended tool, but there are other tools in there as well

Awesome, let's keep going here That is the recommended tool This is converted very well This is a podcast interview with Nathan Barry in episode 244 and as you can see, it's Bootstrapping a Startup with Nathan Barry from Convertkit So, what is this, what is this? Affiliate marketing is difficult because you are telling people to go buy from somebody else or a company that's not you, right? Now I do recommend you approach affiliate marketing by recommending products as if they were your own, but the honest truth is they are not your own product

That's the benefit, you don't have to spend time to create them The customer service is already taken care of, mostly, after a person buys, right? Because that's the company's responsibility So, again, very important that you pick companies that you know are gonna take care of your people, right? Because if you recommend something just for the money and that product is terrible, you're never gonna have that person take a recommendation from you ever again So anyway, kind of getting off a tangent here Now the hard thing is, you're telling people to go buy from somebody else, so what's the best way to get a person to trust that other company or trust that other person? To hear their voice

To get to know them So whether it's a blog interview, but I prefer a video or podcasting especially 'cause it's very intimate There's a lot more motion there You can tell stories This is how I get people to fall in love, not just with Convertkit, but for the person who is behind Convertkit

So when a person is asking themselves, well, yeah, I don't know about this company, but they hear, so if a person is like, oh, I don't know about this company, but I like this person, then they're gonna be more likely to follow through Now also, Nathan does a good job of let's see, I'm just making sure we're all good Germany in the house, nice, awesome Seven blessings in the house I always see you on these streams, I love it, thank you

Been consuming your content for years, Pat, says welcometocrypto Well welcometo, you're awesome, thank you I appreciate that So when it comes to these stories, that's where it's at So if you can invite somebody on your podcast who happens to be the founder or somebody who works at the product that you promote, even though that episode is not a hey guys, go buy Convertkit now kind of thing, it's not hard at all

You're telling a story, and Nathan's story is great He bootstrap this company He almost gave up on it He was just at 2,000 dollars a month for years until he finally went all in with it and he talks about how a person in the startup world told him to give up, like all these things and now we fall in love with Nathan, therefor we now trust that product recommendation Make sense? Make sense? Give me a random emoji if that makes sense to you

It is seriously an incredibly powerful under-utilized strategy to invite a person on in some way and introduce their story and it just so happens that it just is the person that matches that product So, give me an emoji I'd love to see a random emoji from you Thanks, guys Okay, so let's keep going here

We are rocking through And so alright What else? Well, a webinar I'm not gonna go too long into this, because this does require a lot of coordination and timing and it's definitely not passive, that's for sure But coordinating a webinar with another person who's promoting something is a great way to achieve the same thing that I just talked about with a podcast but in a live setting, answering questions a person can get to know the person behind the product or you and there's some training involved

Kind of it combines all the things we just talked about into one So, webinars I've done with Convertkit have done very well But I also want to show you this Email marketing checklist Okay, okay

So isn't this for people who already have email marketing? Yes But this is converted really well So I want you to think about this Let me come back on screen here So email marketing checklist

Ten things you can see if you're actually doing that you should be doing with email marketing Okay Point number one, are you doing this? Point number two, are you making it personal? Point number three, four, five Well, how do I promote Convertkit with a checklist if Convertkit is for people who don't even have email marketing? Well, points eight and nine are about things that only Convertkit can do So by offering an audit to your audience, you're providing a lot of value

You're allowing them to not just read a post, but walk through it to see yeah, I did that, I did that What does a person wanna do? They wanna nail all 10 things, right? So you give them an audit to go through You're being helpful because what if they didn't get point number one and two? Well you're helping them, you're providing value But points eight and nine are like, you know, the segmentation and tagging portions of your email Are you segmenting your audience based on interest and warmth, like are they hot, are they cold

They're just finding you for the first time or are they somebody on your list who has engaged with you in some waay So I get to points eight and nine, and I don't specifically mention that, hey guys, you should get Convertkit because guess what? That's the tool that's gonna make this happen, but it's implied because I'm showing you examples on Converkit and I do mention by the way, I use Convertkit to achieve these things And that's it So by offering, guys, this is been, like as I was doing research for this livestream or for the replay for those of you watching the replay, I didn't even realize how powerful this particular post was So a checklist or an audit to have people go through one by one

It's very engaging, right? They're on there, they're checking things, can be done in a video as well But then points eight and nine are like the things that that tool or that program or that course or that you know game or that product can only do Cool? So that makes it really interesting, because people then see wow, I don't have the ability to do that, so this has been one that has converted people from MailChimp, it's converted people from Aweber And again, am I being snarky about it? Am I being like a snake oil salesman? No, I'm providing value at the same time, but just kind of in a ninja-like fashion showing people well here's why Convertkit might be a smart move for you at this point, and that's done very well for me Yeah, and this is the second live, because the first one I had a lot of technical glitches and I couldn't show you the screenshots and things here in my system

Okay and then finally, this is the last one, and then I have a couple questions to ask you and then I'm gonna award a winner to those of you watching live and that's a Ask Pat T-shirt and a signed copy of Will It Fly? And also for you replay viewers, I'll ask you a question as well So we're gonna go into the computer one more time And I wanna show you this This is a landing page for a challenge Challenges are great because that gets people to move

You get a lot more email subscribers in a short period of time People like challenges, because they're like okay, I don't have to do this forever It'll just take me, you know, this one is a 72-hour or three day challenge to help a person go from zero emails to 100 emails Now in this particular challenge, I show people some manual ways to do this Very much inspired by Bryan Harris from Videofruit, to build their email list

They don't even, I don't even talk about Convertkit The first portion of this, so what happens in this challenge is people subscribe to the challenge then they get emails every single day for three days that walk them through how to slowly and then hopefully build momentum to build their email list to 100 by the end of three days So what happens at the end of three days? They have this email list of 100 that they literally have in a spreadsheet or something, they need somewhere to put it So I say, hey guys, by the way, if you are ready to move to the next steps to get into an email service provider to help you manage this, send emails out to everybody, et cetera, here's the one I recommend Here's a demo for it

Here's some more information about it, and here is a 30-day free trial so that you can test it out and try it out And that's been working really well Now initially, this challenge was done live, meaning I wrote the emails in a broadcast as people were going through it, right? But then afterwards, I took those broadcast emails, put them into an auto responder series and now people can go to just 100emailscom at any time, and I mentioned that on podcasts and blog posts and wherever Now people at any time can go through that challenge and it's automated now

They still get an email a day, but it's an auto-responder sequence And again, at the end of that auto-responder sequence, what happens? Convertkit gets mentioned It's an obvious next move for people who are there Bada-bing-bada-boom Alright

Elkie says amazing information Tom says I was with Aweber then Getresponse and now finally happy with Drip, though Convertkit is great Drip is great, too Let's see, it's so hard when emails go to spam How to stop it? I have some blog posts on SPI about that, so I'm not gonna get into that right now

We'll probably save that for a later conversation But hey guys, I would love to know from you, and I'm gonna select one person who answers this question watching live now to win an Ask Pat T-shirt and a signed copy of my book Will It Fly? Which one of these affiliate marketing strategies are you going to do next? So you might have a product that you already recommend, maybe not But of these strategies, which one resonates with you that you think you can get done? I'd love to know your answer And that's actually your call to action So whatever you write down, I want you to focus on that when it comes to affiliate marketing and promoting these products that you were likely recommending already, likely using already, but just not really enhancing how you do the affiliate marketing

So, which of these strategies make sense for you? So we talked about the demo video We talked about a longer tutorial where the thing is just a part of it We talked about the audit, we talked about a list post of various tools and this tool just happens to be one that's mentioned in it We talked about a webinar, we talked about a challenge Which one of these things makes sense for you next? I'm gonna find, oh, and the resource page! I forgot the resource page! So let's see here

We got resource page, demo video, I love this You know why I love this? Because you guys know that you need to take this action, and we're gonna take one action one step at a time and you already know what that is You've told me just now what you are about to do And if you're watching the replay, you can type that in too when you respond when I ask you, actually, essentially, I'm gonna ask you the same question So after this goes down, or after the livestream ends, it's gonna be processed, then it's gonna be put back up, and many of you might be seeing it now because of that

You now have the opportunity in the replay to answer the same question So which one of these strategies makes sense for you and to know that I am watching people, or looking at the answers coming from the replay viewers, use the #teamflynn T-E-A-M-F-L-Y-N-N, 'cause you're a part of Team Flynn Hopefully you subscribed to become a part of Team Flynn as well That's how I know that you were watching the replay

And those of you on live now, yes, you can come back You get a little bit of a second chance in case you don't win So let's look here I want to let's give it to, I like this name Joseph Augustine

That last name is pretty dope So Joseph, send an email, congratulations you won a Will It Fly shirt and an Ask Pat T-shirt Joseph Augustine, pat@smartpassiveincomecom is where you will send that email My lovely assistant, Jessica, is gonna expect an email from you

And we will hook you up free of charge on us You guys are awesome Thank you so much for watching You replay viewers, use the #teamflynn, answer the same question Which one of these strategies makes sense for you? And we'll award that person next week

So, last week it was Adam Richardson Next week it could be you Just leave your answer below Guys, this was great Thank you so much

I appreciate you For those of you who were on earlier today when I was just fumbling with the technology, thank you for coming back, and you guys are awesome Let's see here Great guys Hope you got a lot of great information, and if you wrote down an answer, that's your call to action

That's the thing you're gonna focus on next and you can check out examples from me or other people for how to do that too So hey guys, successful, successful live stream Every Friday I'm on, so make sure you hit Subscribe so you can join Team Flynn Hit the notification bell so you know when I go live or even when new videos come out next You're amazing, peace out

Have an amazing weekend and I will see you on the flip side

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