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To actually download these tools like 400 of you that are running a real business that are doing something of value You know you have an online platform that you want to create traction with and listening to me And I expect another 4,000 of you to not even open my email Not even watch this video or even get to the end of this video and just go you know Nothing in here for me, and I'm totally okay with that I'm not speaking to the people that listen to this kind of advice And disregard it I'm talking to the people that are looking for solutions that can't afford coaching that need Desperate and urgent help so that they can get their businesses stable and strong, that's who I'm talking to And that's why I'm bothering to do this video in the first place because quite frankly it would suit me not to do the video at all and instead just be behind the scenes in my business and Hide in the shadows like I see a lot of people doing So I have done the video and that doesn't mean anything like to you guys other than I just hope that you take these pieces of advice and From my heart to you I hope that you get the software up and running all of the software comes with support desks training Support teams who help you with any question that you have and you do not need me I don't want you to reach out to me and and and if any of you Feels like you need a hand with any of this then you guys know that already Then just reach out because you know that I'm here you know that this is what we do and And I whichever bucket you're in I I am totally grateful for the people I get to speak to and that I get to work with you know I just spoke to one of my accountant clients I She's a private client of mine We're balancing about a hundred and sixty five grand of new business for her like 80 grand of From her database 80 grand of new business I can tell you that she sits here on our calls, tears running down her face just going you have changed our life in our business, and that's why I do these videos that's why I bother because I want to reach that person you know this person happened to be a Hundred grand in debt

Okay This is a person who had a bunch of problems go down and their business is in a pretty bad place and She found the money to work with me, and she's crying on our calls because she knows how big a gift this is I don't expect four and a half thousand of you to reach out so I've already made that clear But I've given you the tools as a hint as a tip as a strategy as a trick to help you Because I know that for a lot of you you can't afford coaching you can't afford to reach out to me And that's why you don't okay? I'm talking to you right now, and and I really hope you've heard it And I've probably gone on to too longer this video plus I have a have a fly in the room and I also have a client waiting for me, so and my team and I Were actually staying up tonight to actually get this this campaign in place for you guys so That's how committed we are to getting is to you and Look I could keep going on so I'm gonna stop Have a great one guys I really appreciate your time to listening to the Tools of Titan for taking it on for listening and for growing and Have a great one Okay bye guys

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