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Hi guys, my name is Juan Bonilla from voxelartstudiocom and today I'm going to teach you How to install Google Analytics in WordPress Google Analytics is a statistical tool for the use of your website that will allow you to Get very detailed information on how your visitors use the website

You will have information about which country you visit, how long you are using the page web, which pages enter more, how much time they are visiting, from which devices, at what time, etc Now we show you how to install it in WordPress Alright guys, to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website, first thing what you have to do is google and search Google Analytics We search Google Analytics Here it appears Very good And you have to click here where it says "Register" We are going to register It is asking us what kind of registration we want to do, whether it is for a website or for a mobile app

We give to website Now, what you have to do is, here where you put your account name, assign a name for the Google Analytics account It can be any name Let's put, for example: Voxelart in our case And this is what is going to identify this particular web page, because an account can have more than one web page Let's put for example: Demo Google Analytics And here you have to put the address of your web page, what is the URL

In our case we have here a web page created sample, we will put it here Okay, let's clear the "http" You select the category of the sector Here you have to select what most resembles the type of activity you do you on your web page For this particular tutorial, then I will simply choose "Internet and telecommunications" for example You set the time zone

In my case, we are going to put "Spain" and we choose the zone of "GMT + 2", that of Madrid You can leave this as it comes by default It is fine as it comes You give "Get Tracking ID" and you have to accept the terms of the license You give here to accept

All right Here you are already telling us that the tracking ID is this And that this is the Script code that we have to put inside WordPress or within our website All right In this case, what we are going to do is, we are going to paste this code inside the "functionsphp" , Which is one of the files that has to exist within what is the son theme

If you do not know what a son theme is, Here in the upper part to the right I leave a link in which I explain how to create a son theme, Which is one of the things that you should do as soon as you install WordPress So you can make changes to your theme or the one you just installed Very good In this particular case, as we already have created the subject son we, simply let's go to the WordPress folder, here you have it You have to enter where it says "wp-content" "themes" And this is the son issue that we have in our case "sydney-son" We entered the folder

And you look for the file called "functionsphp" It's this one here Let's edit it Right click, edit code Edit All right

And here the code that has this particular child theme already appears All right We're going to add the Google Analytics tracking code All right We have created an entry in the blog where we explain the code that you have to put there exactly You just have to enter our page

Is: voxelartstudiocom You enter the blog And you are looking for the last entry we have published In this case, the entry is, let's see if it charges Very good

It is the entry that says: How to install Google Analytics You enter here Very good And you look for this code This is the code that you have to paste inside the "functions

php" file We choose it Very good Copy And we go to the "functionsphp" You stick it here below All right

Here where it says: "STICK THE GOOGLE ANALYTICS JAVASCRIPT CODE" We have to replace this with the code that Google Analytics is giving us That is, for this We copy, and come to the functions again and replace it Very good We paste it here

All right That is the code that will identify your Google Analytics account within what It's WordPress You keep the changes Very good And now it would be done

This is already installed what is the Google Analytics tracking code Now you have, ehh, You will have statistics on how your website is used, Who enters, Who, ehh, From where, From which country, What time , What devices, If they are boys or girls, The age they have, The truth is that this tool is very powerful and it is one of the first things that you must also do to be able to track who enters and who does not and how they use your web page All right So you can see that it is already working We are going to enter here

To what is the test topic We are going to update it As soon as we update it, we will enter the code so that you can see that it has already been loaded Very good Let's go here

Right click View source of the page If you look The code already appears here This is the Google Analytics tracking code

All right So you can see that it is working correctly You enter here where it says "In real time" And if you notice, a warning appears here indicating that there is an active user in these moments It is indicating that there is a person visiting what is the web page, in this case I am I, who am here inside We go back to Google Analytics, You go to where it says "General View" and if you look here it appears A person who is inside the site

Within the subject item Son and who is visiting from Ponferrada in Spain All right Here you also have more information, Where it says "Audience" you can see general information about the type of person who is entering your web page, You can also see demographics, such as age, The sex, The interests they have, The technology that the browser uses, Mobile devices, etc Behavior We'll see

Content of the site The speed of the site, The truth is that you have a lot of options to be able to see everything that is the way what your visitors are using the website Also what is Google Analytics has an application for the mobile that you can install, you can download it from the Play Store if you have Android It is called the same as the name, it is Google Analytics It's very good

I recommend it to you, I also have it installed on my phone And nothing, just tell you one last thing That when you install Google Analytics there is the option to install the code within what is the "Head" of the subject, That is to say here, That it appears where the labels "Head" or what is in the footer, at the foot of the page That is, it appears down here In what would be down here by the "footer" or footer of the page

There is a bit of controversy in this on the internet There are people who say that it is better to place it in what is in the "Head" Others think it is better to place it in the "Body" Actually, there is no agreement Google recommends installing it in the "Head" and it is as we have done it However, if you want to put it in what is in the footer, you only have to come here And where it says "wp_head" you change this text where it says "head" and you put "footer"

In this way, what is the Google Analytics tracking code would you come here, to the downstairs We have done this tutorial creating a new installation of WordPress, an installation of demonstration that is what you are seeing here We have made it at the hosting company TMDhosting It's the one we use If you are looking for a hosting provider or if you want to change to one that is better We recommend it, as it is a company that brings you 60 days of money back guarantee It gives you the domain, gives you an SSL certificate, you have unlimited bandwidth, space of unlimited storage too

And nothing, is the one that we personally use on our website, which we have here We leave you a link in what is in the description of the video If you hire it, you have a 5% discount if you put the coupon code VOXELART5 , we leave it in the description And nothing, we hope you liked the tutorial If you have any questions, leave it in the comments

I like the video if you liked it And subscribe to receive a notice every time we take a new video Thank you very much and see you soon

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