☑️ New! Host Java Web Applications | 04 Setup Godaddy SSL Certificate In WHM cPanel

Hello everyone so in this video we're going to check how we can set up SSL certificate for your website all right so in this first of all we need to come to the dashboard of your virtual private server we can go to cPanel and then click on manage server it will open a new tab and then we need to find SSL we can click on it and then click on generator SSL certificate now here we can fill our details after you have filled your details you can click on create and then you have to just copy this first of all and then go to the products page of your GoDaddy and then click on setup and then click on new certificate and then you can click on provide a certificate signing request and you can copy/paste that thing that you just copied from there and then click on I agree and read all this information before you click on request certificate so right now it is saying pending it takes a couple of minutes while it is generating all the information so after a few minutes you will see it will approve your request and then you can click on download and then you can select others and then click on download zip file now after extracting that zip file that you have downloaded you can actually go back to this page ok that we have this one and then click on home page and again click on SSL and this time click on install an SSL certificate in this first of all you have to click on browse certificates and select your certificate which is upyourcodecom click on you certificate and the first one want you to do is you need to go to the place where it is the first file and click on edit open it basically and copy all this and paste it here and the second file which is the bundle file again open it and copy all the information and put it in here the bundle please and then click on install it will install the SSL certificate you can click on ok so once this is done we can quickly check whether it is working or not you can go to this website and if example if this comes and we have to make certain changes because when we install the certificate it makes certain changes and it overrides the settings all right so what we can do is we can go to putty and then we can open or http file go to end first of all and check whether the things are proper or not in the 80 port well as you can see it is has overrided the changes that we did all right so what we can do is we can of course comment this one because it is directly going to the FTP go to the end and then paste the same thing that we did in the previous video which is copy paste this much and save the file open the file again now we have to do one more change because now we are not working on the 80 port we are working on the HTTP port which is 443 so if we go up again you will find your public IP address with 443 port so here it is here also we need to do the same genes because as we know you are using HTTPS it won't work so in order to make it work we have to do the same changes that we did at the 80 port so first of all you to comment this line and then again place the same thing here and i made some mistake save the file stop the httpd service and then start the httpd service now if we check it should work as you can see it's working so this is the basic process that we need to follow to install SSL certificate on our website

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